Top 5 HealthTech Products You Need in 2024

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HealthTech products has become a huge part of our lives today, and it’s not just because of COVID. While the pandemic can take some of the credit, most of it should go to the innovative companies in India and beyond. They’ve managed to make HealthTech fun, accessible and cheap. 

As a result, adoption has skyrocketed. According to Market Research, the preventive healthcare market in India was valued at ₹3.71 trillion in 2019 and will jump up to ₹14.58 trillion by 2025. Whether it’s the smartwatch you buy, or the teleconsultation app you use or the wellness membership plans you subscribe to, you are contributing to that rise.  

But not all products are equally popular, some are still an emerging market while others have become well known to consumers. Here are seven HealthTech products that you need to have to stay fit and healthy in the next decade. 

HealthTech Products You Need 

Wearable Tech 

Wearable tech has quickly emerged as a popular fitness category after they were used for online gaming. From simple step tracking to an all-in-one that can read your heart rate, ECG and oxygen levels, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you haven’t yet, you should get yourself a wearable device. Here’s a blog we wrote about why they are so useful. 

If you are convinced, go ahead and make that purchase. It’s the ideal gift no matter what your fitness goal. From losing weight to moving more, and sleeping better to checking your heart conditions, wearables can do a lot.  

Fingertip Pulse Oximeters 

Low oxygen levels are just one of the many symptoms of COVID-19. However, they can also signal other issues. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a pulse oximeter at home. HealthTech products companies have made these devices increasingly accurate, and economical.  

It’s always a good idea to have one at home, just as a safety measure. We’d recommend you make it part of your home medical kit. You won’t be the only one. According to Global Data, India’s pulse oximeter market is set to explode to over $60 million by 2025 thanks to demand from home consumers.  

Air Purifiers 

Air pollution is a major issue affecting millions of Indians. According to the State of Global Air 2020, “long-term exposure to outdoor and household air pollution contributed to over 1.67 million annual deaths in India in 2019.” Luckily, HealthTech companies have made low-cost air purifiers that you can buy. 

These purifiers are ideal for families with young children or senior citizens. That way, you can ensure that they breathe clean fresh air, as they should. Think of them as an investment with long term healthcare benefits. Your family will thank you. 

Virtual Wellness Membership Plan as a Healthtech Product
Virtual Wellness Membership Plan for a Better Health

Wellness Membership Plans 

Whether it’s Weight Lifting or Yoga, a wellness membership is a must-have in 2021. Even if you can’t visit a gym or studio, it’s easy to work out at home. Find an activity you love to do, and get a membership accordingly. It’s one of the best gifts you will give yourself this year. 

There are plenty of HealthTech products companies that offer virtual classes, from to Fitternity. If you prefer, you can do it yourself with apps like Down Dog. Go for comprehensive wellness membership plans with mental and physical health, that’s a great way to save money.  

Onsurity Healthcare Plan with Multiple Benefits
Onsurity Healthcare Plan with Multiple Benefits

Onsurity’s Healthcare Plans 

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, this one is for you. Employee healthcare benefits are a must-have in 2021. Not just to ensure you have a happy and healthy workforce, but also to attract talent and help employees stay safe. Get a healthcare membership with Onsurity to give your team benefits they will love. 

Onsurity’s wellness membership offer exclusive webinars, discounted health check-ups and medicine delivery, doctor teleconsultations and group health insurance for members. It’s the most comprehensive healthcare membership for startups and SMEs.  

How many of these do you currently have? Make 2021 the year you put your overall health first. If you are an employer, please do read our blog on future proofing your health and safety plan. We hope you find it useful as you plan your return to office.  

Make sure you get your team a healthcare membership from Onsurity. That way, whether your employees return to the office or continue to work remotely, they will be protected from all health scares.  

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