Ultimate Cheat Sheet to a Healthy Work Life Balance

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Being a working parent is no cakewalk. Between the long hours and last-minute demands of your job, you also have to ensure your kids are eating, sleeping, exercising and completing schoolwork. At least before the pandemic, they were in school for 8 hours. Now, with everyone at home, it’s most likely that you no longer have a healthy work life balance. 

With children now being educated at home, the effect on parental stress is clear to see. The American Psychological Association found that 71% of parents find managing their child’s online learning as a source of stress. Unfortunately, stress is felt more by mothers than fathers. According to the LinkedIn Workforce Confidence Index, 46% of working mothers report working till late to make up for domestic work, and 42% are unable to focus on work with their children at home.  

Back in April, Outlook India wrote about the increasing rates of divorce due to COVID-19. All these statistics are not isolated, they can all be traced back to one thing: the lack of a healthy work life balance. As a working-from-home parent, you need to be able to devote adequate time to your family, and yourself. Not only will it bring your stress levels down, but it will also help maintain your relationship with your family.  

So, now that you know, the next step is how. That’s why we are here. We have got some simple tips for you to try. Even if you manage to do three of them, it should help improve your wellbeing and relationships immensely. Go ahead, give the blog a read, and make your working-from-home parenthood a little easier as you enjoy a healthy work life balance.  

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Prioritize Yourself 

Remember that this is your workclife balance, so it is important to prioritize yourself. If you aren’t feeling healthy, you cannot keep the rest of your family healthy. Take time out every day, even if it is just 30 minutes, to do something for yourself. It could be yoga, jogging, meditation, listening to music, or reading. Find a hobby that you enjoy and do it daily.  

Also, remember to eat healthily. Do not resort to ready-made or restaurant food just because of your workload. Snack on fruits and veggies when possible, and ensure you have a fitness routine in place. It’s vital for your physical wellbeing. 

The Cost of an Unhealthy Work-Life Balance 

When working from home, it is very easy for you and your boss to take your time for granted. Your Amigos Foundation found that 55.2% of respondents claiming to have worked longer than their usual office hours and 91% among them complained of doing so without receiving due incentives. 

Be sure to talk to your boss about your workload. It’s important to say no, as burnout is dangerous not just for your wellbeing, but your company as well. Negotiate timings, workloads, and present a workable plan. Do not let your job come at the cost of your health. 

Learn to Disconnect 

Spending long hours in front of the computer is never good, but if your work depends on it then it is not like you have a choice. That’s why it is vital you learn to disconnect at the right time, to give your eyes some rest, and maintain a healthy work life balance. 

Disconnecting doesn’t mean shifting to your phone or TV. Instead opt for some activities that do not require screen time, like reading, exercise, or even gardening. It’s a great idea to do these with your family, as it gives you more time with them.  

Plan Your Day 

It’s not totally possible to plan every minute, but you can plan most tasks. If you have errands to run, like shopping or health check-ups, try to plan them for a weekend so you can do it in a relaxed manner. It’s also a good idea to digitally store your documents on the cloud, or apps like DigiLocker. That way, they are always at hand. 

Also ensure you take time out to eat, ideally with your family if possible. Also, set up reminders to check in with your kids, and see if they are ok. These little things will help bring you closer together. 

Plan Family Time 

The best way to ensure a healthy work life balance is to plan some quality family time. Spend a few hours every week doing something you all enjoy. It could be watching sports, playing carrom or card games or even watching a film on Netflix. 

Also, try to schedule regular calls with extended family. With everyone at home, there’s no better time to reconnect with distant relatives and maybe learn a thing or two. It’s important you communicate with everyone at home so that there’s no tension or stress. 

You may not be able to implement everything, but even a few of these tips should help improve your work-life balance. Remember that it is your health on the line. That’s why you need a comprehensive healthcare plan. One that covers all aspects of your health, not just insurance. 

That’s why we at Onsurity built TeamSure by Onsurity. It’s an employee healthcare plan that puts your health first. That way, you can ensure a healthy work-life balance and not have to worry about expensive medical bills. To know more, visit our website and sign up today.  

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