How is Onsurity Digitizing Employee Healthcare & Wellness Space?

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From reaching out to multiple healthcare vendors to preparing a wide set of paperwork for adding employees to the membership package, the involvement of HRs in the employee health benefits domain continues to be extremely manual. Even though the need for digitizing employee healthcare space has been established. Irrespective of how tech-powered companies (across industries) have become, their employee healthcare-centric processes continue to be manually processed and paper-dependent. 

Onsurity is here to change that.  

At Onsurity, we bring the entire process of employee healthcare management and benefits on digital platforms. We remove paperwork from the entire employee healthcare benefit cycle – right from looking into different quotes and adding employees to a membership plan to accessing those health benefits – we make everything digital.  

Let me take you through every stage of buying employee healthcare membership and accessing the benefits and show how Onsurity fits into those steps.  

Step 1 – Getting quotes from multiple vendors digitizing employee healthcare space 

The process of finding the best healthcare provider takes HR through multiple vendor quotes. They talk to several insurance providers and healthcare service providers to then select the best partner for their team. The HRs have to then go through every quote and proposal and ascertain that there is no loophole, and everything is clear in terms of benefits and how to access them in times of emergency.  

Even after ensuring complete clarity and transparency, the corporate sector is filled with multiple instances where the HRs had to run behind the insurance companies for getting claims processed and wait for long hours to get their queries answered after the plan was purchased.  

At Onsurity, we don’t have a system of reading between the lines. Everything there is to know about the membership is conveyed to the members before the membership is activated so much so that our terms and conditions are only one slide long.  

By bringing every minute detail of the membership to one platform, we make it easy for the members to know the inside out of what they are buying and how their teams would benefit from it without any doubts. 

Step 2 – Plan purchase and activation 

After the multiple quotes’ filtration process, the next big manual process that the HR or an employer goes through is the plan purchase and activation process. Between quotes selection and plan initiation, it takes somewhere around 30 to 45 days. In this timeline, the employers and insurance firms or the healthcare providers have several rounds of documentation and plan discussions. 

At Onsurity, we bring this timeline down to 2 minutes. We give employers and/or HRs a digital plan purchase platform where they can buy and initiate the plan with details as limited as a GSTIN number and the headcount, age, and marital status of the employees. At the back of these 4 pieces of information, the HRs can buy a membership plan and activate it in real-time.

Onsurity easy plan activation

Step 3 – Onboarding of employees in the membership plan 

Onboarding employees in the membership plan is a task that the HRs and employers have to do with complete dependence on the insurance firm or the healthcare service provider. Every time they have to add or remove an employee, they have to reach out to the insurance firm and then wait for their availability to add the new members.  

It’s not the same with Onsurity. 

When you buy the Onsurity healthcare membership, you get the link to a dashboard where you can add the employees in under two clicks. All you need is an employee’s details like age and marital status, and you can add them to the plan yourself. Similarly, removing an employee from the membership plan when they leave the organization is equally easy.  

Digitizing employee healthcare with easy onboarding

Step 4 – Accessing healthcare benefits

The last stage of the employee health benefits cycle usually lies with the HRs and the employees accessing the benefits. In the typical setup where the employee health benefits are limited to group health insurance, the HRs connect with TPAs who then connect with the insurance companies to get the employees’ claims processed. Additionally, they connect with healthcare service providers like fitness centers, meditation centers, etc. to extend those benefits to the employees.  

We bring all the benefits on mobile. The employees can raise claim requests on the Onsurity app from where our Good Doctors Team facilitates the claim reimbursement or cashless hospitalization process. Additionally, they can access every healthcare benefit ranging from doctor teleconsultations, health check-ups, online medicine orders, etc. through the Onsurity application. This ease when combined with our wide network of healthcare service partners and hospital networks makes healthcare extremely accessible and truly valued.  

Onsurity app

By adding the element of digitalization in every step of employee healthcare service, Onsurity is making it easy to access healthcare benefits. And we are doing it at extremely affordable rates with the plans’ base price starting at Rs. 49 per month! Through these elements, we are making employee healthcare accessible, tech-led, and extremely affordable.  

 Want to access group health insurance with comprehensive employee health benefits? Reach out to us.

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