How Onsurity makes your employee benefits plan inclusive?

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In 2020 the government made healthcare a mandatory employee benefit required by law. However, employee benefits for small businesses have been inaccessible until now with the emergence of health tech company Onsurity. Before discussing inclusivity, it is essential to understand why employee benefits are important, especially healthcare. We can only then understand why the inclusivity of Onsurity’s plan is worth being noticed.

Why employee benefits are important?

Here are the major reasons why employee benefits for small businesses and how healthcare benefits can provide the biggest chunk of opportunity for small businesses to thrive:

Healthcare and employee benefit plans for retention: Providing your employees healthcare benefits will increase their loyalty to the organization making them stay longer. Providing this benefit also helps in recruiting a quality workforce. Offering any kind of employee benefits is the most effective way of increasing productivity alongside developing a great company culture.

Employee healthcare to boost morale and productivity: As an employer, you want your employees to remain motivated and focus on being more productive. Offering healthcare benefits gives a positive indication that the employer cares about the employees and this, in turn, helps motivate and drive the team.

Increases Competition and attracts more talent: Businesses that offer healthcare benefits to their employees attract more people than the ones which don’t offer these benefits. This will further increase the competition among employers with the same size and line of business.

Healthcare benefits are the most preferable benefits: According to the surveys from Glassdoor, Indeed and Monster, employees consider this to be one of the most important benefits they can receive from their employers.

Better Business Management: Having an all-around healthcare plan from a trusted partner not only ensures that employees are exposed to lesser health threats but also ensures that the employers have better control over their cash flow in the long run.

The following diagram shows what employee benefits include at the base level:

How Onsurity makes your employee benefits plan inclusive?


How Onsurity ensures the inclusivity of your employee benefits plan?

To best define how employee benefits for small businesses work, a great example would be Onsurity’s plans which may further define, how Onsurity is inclusive in its approach. Onsurity’s TeamSure Program is a complete package that includes group health insurance as well as affordable employee healthcare benefits for teams. The healthcare benefits include health check-ups, teleconsultations, discounts on medicines, group health insurance, etc.  Onsurity is India’s first monthly employee health benefits platform for SMEs and startups, disrupting the healthcare and financial services industry with its unique mix of technology and innovation to improve the employee experience.

Onsurity’s vision of redefining employee healthcare by creating a unique self-serve platform where organizations can purchase flexible and customized healthcare memberships for their employees in just minutes. Working with the aim of democratizing employee healthcare, both founders bring in vast experience in insurance underwriting, distribution, customer experience and building scalable tech-enabled businesses.

Under their leadership, the brand has converted many of its customers into investors. At a current standing of 1000+ brands, they aim to define the future of healthcare on a global canvas.

The most important aspect of inclusivity lies in the fact that Onsurity is aimed at catering to employee healthcare benefits for SMEs, startups, small businesses alike. This is possible through affordability, monthly healthcare plans, a state-of-the-art employee benefits management dashboard, and a tech-based feature-rich app to enjoy the healthcare benefits. It also includes wellness benefits such as special discounted gym memberships, mental health counseling access, etc, to meet the requirements of the hour.

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