How to Choose the Right Group Health Insurance?

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Gone are the days when employers had to run pillar to post to get the best health coverage for their employees. With increasing awareness of group health insurance, employers can now easily purchase insurance for employees at a click of a button. Extending medical coverage to employees is now a basic facility that almost every employer is offering to its employee. Especially, due to COVID-19, the demand for group health cover has increased as companies have witnessed the uncertain nature of life and want to take care of their employees well-being. But simply offering health coverage is not enough, it is necessary to check on an array of factors while selecting group health insurance.  

Here’s how you can choose the right group health cover for employees 

Choose the right amount of coverage: Coverage is the maximum amount that the employee will receive towards the hospitalization costs incurred. Keep in mind the rising sum insured and opt for minimum 3 lakh coverage if your organisation is located in tier I or tier II city and 5 lakh cover if operating from an urban area. Also, opt for a higher sum insured if you want to extend coverage to the employees family members as well. 

Flexible plans 

The health insurance that you choose from your employee should offer you the flexibility of adding/ removing employees. Moreover, your employees should also be able to extend coverage to their family members as per their life stage. 

Network hospitals 

Check on the number of network hospitals as at these hospitals employees would be eligible to receive cashless treatment, thereby ensuring swift claims process. 

Room rent limit 

Room rent is an amount charged by the hospital for occupying the room on a 24-hour basis. Opt for a policy with no room rent limit or a higher one because if the employee occupies a higher category room then the additional expenses along with the associated expenses of consumables, doctor fee, etc. would be charged as per the room category chosen.  

COVID-19 coverage 

Considering the nature of this disease, it is important that the policy you choose provides coverage for COVID-19 as well. 

Home healthcare 

Health insurance companies offer coverage for home healthcare i.e. if the employee seeks treatment for the medical condition from the comfort of his home. This is covered only if there are no hospital beds available or the employee is in a state that he cannot be taken to the hospital. 

Maternity Coverage 

If you have a young team then it is advisable to buy group health cover as it provides coverage for maternity as it covers both normal and caesarean delivery. If most of your employees are married with kids and are in the age group of 35-37 and above then you can skip this cover. 

Extension of coverage to immediate family members 

Employees like if their immediate family members are covered under the group health scheme. You can extend coverage to employees’ spouses and kids. However, keep in mind that you will have to bear the cost. 

Onsurity Advantage 

Onsurity offers you a group health membership plan that is affordable, flexible and beneficial to ensure complete well-being of your employees. 

  • The plan starts at Rs. 145/month  
  • Cover for COVID-19 home healthcare available for members 
  • Extend benefits to family members including spouse, kids, brother, parents and parents in laws 
  • Up to 60% discount on diagnostic tests 
  • Upto 20% pharmacy discount 
  • Consult doctors online 
  • Claims and hospitalization support through the Onsurity app 

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