How to Detect Pregnancy? 3 Different Ways

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How to Detect Pregnancy? We have got the solutions to confirm this good news! Sometimes, we tend not to notice the most obvious of things, things right in front of us! When you become pregnant, you may not detect it until a few weeks in. While this may be worrisome at times, it is nothing to fret over. There are some signs that should alert you as to your pregnancy, and these are ones you should pay attention to. But don’t worry, We will walk you through all that you need to know about How to Detect Pregnancy!

how to detect pregnancy

First, ask yourself these questions

Have you been using birth control? Have you missed your period? Have you been feeling nauseous? Have you experienced constipation lately? Have you been urinating frequently? Have you been having mood swings frequently? Do you have sore breasts?

These are the first few questions you must ask yourself and are major steps towards how to detect pregnancy. If you did not use birth control, and your answer to the rest of the questions is mostly yes, then assess some more on if you are pregnant.

Learning about other signs

Has put on your bra become difficult of late? It may be that your breasts are bigger and tender (if pregnant). You may also have a heightened sense of smell that sometimes leads to nausea and eventually morning sickness. You may also feel fatigued and out of breath for a lot of the time.

Spotting commonly occurs in the early stages of your pregnancy and can be considered as one of the signs of pregnancy, although this may occur after your missed period, about 2 weeks from the time of conception. Some women even experience backaches and food cravings, although these may be more common as the pregnancy progresses. If you experience any one, some, or all of these symptoms, it is time that you test for pregnancy.

How to Detect Pregnancy

There are two ways to test for pregnancy. You can either opt for a home pregnancy kit or visit your doctor’s office for a blood or urine test. Typically, the home pregnancy test (available at any local medical store) is also a urine test in which you may need to catch the urine midway onto the stick, or into a small container below loading them onto the test.

Here, pregnancy or non-pregnancy may be indicated by the appearance of lines, change in color, and plus signs. Today there are even test kits that flash ‘pregnant’ or ‘non-pregnant’ on a screen. Once you have taken a home pregnancy test, it is ideal to visit your doctor for a blood test or urine test. Once your pregnancy is confirmed, the next step is to consult a gynecologist who can walk this journey with you!

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