How to Setup a Home Gym with Low Cost?

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How to setup a Home Gym ? Well, this is one of the most frequently asked questions ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, as the first place to get closed after the virus got spread, were the gyms. It is difficult to maintain a proper social distancing at the gym since the exercises can’t be done wearing a mask, people use the same equipment back to back. However things have been getting back to normal, most of the gyms have opened now with safety measures. But, we can never predict the situation of the world or what is going to happen tomorrow. Thus, setting up a home gym is a good idea for an awesome backup.

Many of us can’t of course afford to have a whole setup at home like an actual gym but this article might help you setup the kind of workout space which will help you maintain your fitness levels and give some effective results at the same time! After all, something is better than nothing and lately learning how to setup a home gym and working out at home has been beneficial for most of the people out there.

how to setup a home gym

These are the following advantages of working out at home and learning how to setup a home gym : 

  1. Saves Travel Time and Expenses: Having a workout space at home itself saves a lot of time and conveyance expenses while going to the gym. So, it definitely helps do a lot of savings of money and time.
  2. Social Distancing: Since, we do not come in contact with strangers at home while working out unlike the gyms, we are totally safe especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  3. Unlimited Workout Hours: Gyms have been having some time restrictions especially after the pandemic has started. There are batches divided for a particular group of people and they are allowed to workout for limited hours at the gym. But, this is not the case with home. At home, you can workout as long as you want to. Isn’t it awesome?
  4. Peaceful Vibes: If you are a yoga enthusiast, working out home is the best option for you! In your space, you will have no disturbance or nuisance. You can concentrate better on your workouts.
  5. Self Motivation: At home, its just you vs you! If you can workout at home alone effectively, you can literally workout anywhere! You obviously do not need to look at anyone else at home apart from just yourself to get some motivation to go and hit your workout! You just compete against yourself or maybe your family member who works out with you. That’s all you need.
  6. One Time Investment: Why pay for gym memberships again and again when you can have a permanent setup at home? It will cost you just once but you will be grateful for this useful expenditure. There is nothing better than investing in your own health. After all, health is wealth. You will just have to spend once to buy some essential equipment, setting up your space and then you can enjoy working out there for a lifetime! Even if you are traveling, you can carry your essential equipment from home.

Let’s talk about how to setup a home gym with low cost:

  1. Find out some Space: The very first step towards how to setup a home gym is to find out a space at your home particularly for your workouts, which is not too big or not too small. Just comfortable enough for you to exercise well. You can setup your space in an extra room, or garden, roof, terrace etc.
  2. Essential Equipment: Some of the essential equipment to build a setup at home are: a pair of dumbbells, jump rope, a kettlebell, yoga matt, pull up bar, a mini squat rack, barbell & a couple of weight plates. You can consider getting them online for good offers or maybe some second hand ones to save cost. Make sure they are in a good condition and properly sanitized.
  3. Create an Environment: Creating an environment for a workout helps feel exercising better. Get some music speakers, stick some posters related to fitness on the wall and it will make you want to workout better and better.
  4. Attend Online/Virtual Sessions: If you’re looking for some workout guidance, attending online workout sessions is the best choice at least after the pandemic. The safest and best way to make a use of technology. It will help you workout better at home and keep you motivated at the same time.

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