8 Important HR Manager Responsibilities and Priorities in 2021

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It’s 2021, and there’s little sign of the pandemic slowing down. Even if we do return to our offices, it just won’t be the same. There’s a “new normal” now that we need to adjust to. That means HR manager responsibilities have changed as well.

First, there is the question of the future of remote working. A Forbes article found that working from home showed a “47% increase in productivity”. That, however, comes at a cost. A Microsoft Work Trend Index found 41% of Indian workers faced increasing burnout, due to remote working.  

We still aren’t sure if we will return to the office, but it looks very likely. As you are building a return-to-office plan though, you should also prepare for remote working to stay. Here are some ways you can reassess your requirements for 2021, irrespective of what happens with COVID-19. 

If you are an HR manager at an SME or startup then this blog is for you. Here are a few simple things to focus on to ensure you are set for 2021. 

HR Manager Responsibilities for 2021

HR Manager goals for 2021

Online Recruitment 

Well before COVID-19, online platforms were the go-to for recruitment. Now, when you cannot physically meet the employee, what do you do? As an HR manager use AI bots to sort through resumes and find the best candidates, and then insist on interviews over video calls. It isn’t perfect, but it will allow you to better judge the candidate than over a regular voice call. 

Look at Gig/Part-Time Workers 

The gig economy is a great source of talent. The Economic Times found that there was a “115% increase in the number of work-from-home gigs during the lockdown.” Gig workers are great ways to fill roles temporarily, without all the associated overheads of a full-time employee. Some of these workers can then transition to full-time if they gel well with your team. If not, they are still great contacts to have.  

Rethink Job Structures 

A regular 9-5 (or even extra hours) just won’t be possible for everyone anymore. As an HR manager, you need to rethink how the job is done. Of course, it is important to invest in communication tools like Slack or Trello, but rethink your job profile for the flexible working age. Give employees more independence, and the ability to set their own deadlines within the company’s needs.  

HR Manager Responsibilities are to Rethink Performance Analysis 

If employees are going to be working from home, the traditional concept of performance analysis needs to be redesigned. “Hours Worked” is a metric that just won’t cut it. As Groove HQ put it: “Showing up isn’t the same as getting things done.” Instead, look at the output, goal setting, influence on the team, and other hyper-custom metrics. Of course, it’s still a good idea to invest in a time tracking tool as a handy backup. 

Refresh Company Policies 

Remote working is a great time to rethink company policies around work hours, holidays and bonuses. As an HR manager, think about offering paid days off for mental health reasons. It’s also a good idea to allocate time weekly for a group activity like yoga or meditation. Also try to enforce flexible “blocks” in the day for breakfast, lunch, and other personal tasks.  

HR Tools to Simplify Workflow 

If you are struggling to stay on top of your work, turn to digital tools. Administrative tools, talent management tools, and integrated suites are all useful ways to simplify your workflow. They help monitor employee progress and automate payroll and data management. Once set up, they take over the mundane repetitive tasks freeing your time for other critical things.  

Employee Engagement is a Vital Part of HR Manager Responsibilities

According to Techjury: “Those teams who score in the top 20% in engagement experience a 59% less turnover.” Active employee engagement is vital to preserving your team culture. Take time out weekly for team activities like a happy hour, pub quizzes, and game nights. As an HR manager, you should also be willing to listen to employees and their grievances. Work with them to find solutions, and be open to communication.  

Well Being Initiatives 

Company growth is often liked to employees’ personal growth. An HR manager needs to invest time and money in wellbeing initiatives like personal growth courses, regular feedback sessions and employee healthcare benefits. Such initiatives will not only keep your existing employees happy but attract new ones as well. 

A good employee healthcare plan, especially during the current pandemic, is absolutely vital. As an SME or start-up, you might find it hard to get an economical plan that suits your team’s needs. That’s why we at Onsurity built TeamSure by Onsurity. It gives you comprehensive employee healthcare benefits that 300+ SMEs and start-ups already love. 

Onsurity’s business health plans are designed to help put your employee’s wellbeing first. With us, your employees have benefits like doctor teleconsultations, discounted health checkups and medicine delivery, fitness tracking, exclusive webinars, and more.  

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