What is the Importance of Empathy in Workplace?

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Realizing an importance of empathy in workplace is very essential. In today’s pandemic time, one should maintain a social distance but not an emotional one. In the ever-changing office turmoil, every team requires a leader who can set examples and show the importance of empathy in team management.

Empathy is the ability to see and relate to the thoughts, emotions, or experiences of others. In the workplace it means that employees can establish an emotional bond with their co-workers and supervisor.

The importance of having empathy in workplace and empathetic leader as well as having a strong emotional connection among team members skyrocketed during the covid-19 driven remote working situation. Today, a number of companies are working towards the development of empathic skills among the team members. In fact, 20% of employers have already conducted training for teaching empathy skills to next-gen leaders.

There are numerous studies that show how teams with high emotional intelligence tend to work hard and manage difficult circumstances effectively. They develop bonds of trust, which act as vital support during tough times.

Importance of Empathy in Workplace

5 reasons which highlight the importance of empathy in workplace

Your employees will become loyal

One of the most common reasons employees leave a workplace is because of a lack of trust and appreciation from their reporting managers. In such scenarios, having leaders who can exhibit empathy in team management can be helpful. They can build a trusting bond with their team and ensure they feel valued and cared for. Employees who feel they are heard, appreciated, and cared about are more likely to stay with the company.

Your employees will be more engaged

You might have noticed that if your supervisor or team members ask about your wellbeing or appreciate something you have done for them, it creates an urge to do more for them.

This is what employee engagement is. When leadership shows to employees that they care about how they feel and the determination they put into work, the employees reciprocate the gesture by going above and beyond in their efforts.

This important leadership behaviour should be there in the organization right from by the senior most people to the ones at the lower end of the hierarchy system. Organizations should understand that to achieve continuous success and keep employees engaged; leaders must develop empathic skills and share an emotional bond with their subordinates.

Your employees will work better as a team

Valued and appreciated employees have a team spirit in themselves. The importance of empathy in team management flows throughout the organization, which leads to increases in teamwork, a decrease in conflicts among colleagues, and a reduction in workplace distractions. This eventually results in synchronized work efforts and improves productivity.

Employees will feel happy

Employees would not miss office when they feel seen, heard, and appreciated for their work. The level of job satisfaction increases, and absenteeism level decreases. Simultaneously, when employees do not feel motivated, they are not committed to the organization. Their goals are not aligned with the organization, leading to a decrease in their productivity.

Increased absenteeism among unenthusiastic employees affects the morale of their co-workers, as it increases their workload. This eventually affects team harmony and leads to poor quality of work. Through skills such as empathy in team management, leaders can keep the employee’s morale high as well as tackle unresolved issues.

Employees will become creative

Employees who feel valued and appreciated are more willing to take a risk and add value to the organization. They would put more time and energy into new ideas, processes, and methods to improve their work skills and take the organization to greater heights. Guided by leaders who excel in empathy in team management, these employees find an efficient and creative way of working and are committed to making the organization successful.

Often, employees spend more time with their colleagues than they even spend with their family. Companies need to nurture empathy skills among their leaders to get the best out of their hardworking employees. Colleagues who share an emotional bond and supervisors are more likely to easily manage difficult work situations and be productive in tough times.

But empathy cannot be learned with a weeklong training. It requires time and support. Seeing the importance of empathy in team management, companies should start conducting various training for their employees for listening skills, nurturing compassion, and developing an empathic skill.

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