How to upgrade and improve team working skills to enhance productivity?

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To upgrade and improve team working skills is the necessity of all times. If you work individually, there is a need to update yourself. But, to win as a strong team is a lesser-known challenge. Greek storyteller Aesop coined the phrase, “United we stand, divided we fall.” The phrase applies to our lives. Be it at work or from home, two or more people working together with the same vision deliver outstanding results.  

In the Pre-COVID era, when meetings were held face to face, teams had the privilege to ideate and evolved effortlessly. The work from home setup and discussions on Zoom has now made collaboration taxing. Here is why it is crucial to upgrade skills and bridge the gaps. 

improve team working skills

Tricks to Improve Team Working Skills  

Analyze the goal 

When working with a team, you will be heading towards the company’s ultimate goal. But, on this path, there must be milestones.  

While discussing the framework, stress on the final goal, or what you call, a particular project’s wrap-up session. Discuss the goals with your teammates and also finalize the landmarks. This helps each member of the team collaborate with the same vision in mind. Hence, enhancing their communication and collaboration skills. 

Assign roles 

In a project, each team member must work equally hard to achieve expected results. One lethargic person can ruin the project substantially.  

To achieve this, the team leader can assign specific tasks to each member. Though each team member will be working individually, they must communicate their ideas and current work status at frequent intervals. This will help upgrade their interpersonal and collaboration skills.  

Examine the hurdles 

When people work towards achieving the same goal, they may experience multiple hurdles. As a team, it is viable to discuss difficulties and find solutions to overcome them. Communicating as a team and examining the setbacks will result in improving critical thinking skills. In this process, you may also discover numerous new ideas to enrich the project. 

Solve problems  

Along with the new load of problems and ideas comes the responsibility to solve these and carry the team forward. Problem-solving is a skill that is not associated with business alone. It is considered a cognitive skill to be mastered during childhood. 

However, not every child learns to solve problems independently. Today with teamwork, we find ourselves brainstorming to solve problems. As a team, each individual has the responsibility to identify solutions and overcome difficulties, not just for themselves but for the entire team.  

Challenge the team members  

The comfort zone is where everyone wants to be. But, it is the worst place if you want to grow in life. Hence, to upgrade skills, it is vital to move out of your comfort zone. Even though your teammates might be specialized in a particular genre, it is fruitful to challenge them at times. It helps them upgrade their skills and adapt to all the newness at work. 

Being human

Upgrading skills does not always mean monetary growth. When a fellow human feels low, we must be able to lend a hand. To trust your teammates is the best way to upgrade your interpersonal skills. Though it is teamwork and each one is putting in efforts, someone could be falling behind. Carrying them along with a sensible and sensitive approach is bound to make you a winner.  


Winning and losing is part of life. Haven’t we all heard this phrase? But, are we able to handle our setbacks with courage? With the time you have now, you must learn to imbibe positivity and give the same to your teammates. Apart from the above, many other things can be learned.  

A good team is nothing but a collection of people working together with equal enthusiasm towards the same goal. So, in these difficult times, you must equip yourself with the following skills to give your best and accomplish the task at hand. 

Learn a new language 

The World Economic Forum believes that 2030 will witness the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0. We are already working with international clients, and the medium of conversation widely remains English. However, learning more languages will make interactions easy and help you widen your network. 


Changing business concepts require us to work on our connectivity skills. It means now everybody who wants growth must have a general idea about data, automation, and machine learning.  

Cloud computing 

Everybody is on the cloud. There is no limit to where you can take your business when working with artificial intelligence. Hence, upgrading skills that help you ace cloud computing concepts will be beneficial.  


When everything is on the internet, there are security threats. This is why you should learn more about cybersecurity. Every business wants to stay protected from online threats, and what could be better than working with a cybersecurity expert?  

Healthcare Plan to Build Team Focus and Productivity

Health is wealth and health above all. Without good health, employees can’t work on building their organization, keep themselves focused and productive enough. Providing them with a comprehensive healthcare plan would act as a cherry on top when it comes to making an effort to upgrade and improve team working skills. It will promise to keep them on route to progress along with tracking physical fitness and boost their morale. 

Onsurity’s comprehensive employee healthcare plans come with all such benefits which an employee/team member would be satisfied and happy with. After all, a company grows with a responsible employer who cares for its employees. 

Click on the button below to check out all the benefits and details. 


Good teams are built when people want to learn and upgrade skills to cope with the changing business environment. The skills listed in this article will prepare you to face the future with confidence. 


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