Is vaccination covered by insurance?  

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At the time of writing this article, 4th August, the active COVID-19 cases stood at 404958 while the total vaccination doses administered till date was 423.85 Crores. In order to break the virus growth chart, businesses from across the nation have started taking measures to get their employees vaccinated 

But what about the people who don’t have their employers’ support? For them, the ray of hope falls on the insurance providers. If you fall in this category, before heading out to get vaccinated under the assumption that your insurance provider will manage that, ask yourself, “is vaccination covered by insurance policy”?  

Let us try to find an answer to this question today.  

Is vaccination covered by insurance policy? 

With a surge in the COVID-19 cases in India, the IRDAI – Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India has mandated that all the health and general insurance companies should add coronavirus coverage in their plans, at least to the extent of pre- and post-hospitalization expenses.  

Now, while the government has made it mandatory for insurance companies to cover coronavirus treatment charges, the question remains – is vaccination included in my health insurance policy? The answer to that is, ‘it depends on various factors’.  

Generally, vaccination is not included in the standard plans whether group health policy or personal health policy as they are completely preventative in nature. But if you have OPD cover in the health policy, you can ask the insurance provider if they provide coverage for the vaccination cost. Ultimately, it depends on the insurance provider whether or not they want to provide COVID vaccine reimbursement.  

So, in short, the answer to will COVID-19 vaccine be covered under your existing health insurance policy, lies with your insurance provider. 

But in case you find that it’s not being included in your insurance plan, we would recommend you to talk to your insurance provider to get an enhancement or choose a new plan to ensure that you get both – medical insurance and COVID vaccine. Here are the reasons why.  

Reasons why you should seek insurance cover for COVID vaccine 

While a number of employers are taking measures to back the vaccination drive through efforts like the one shown in the image below, in case you are not getting the same support, it’s time to go solo and get an insurance cover for COVID vaccine.

Is vaccination covered by insurance?     

Safeguard your family 

A vaccination cover acts as a safety net for the loved ones. And knowing how fast spreading Coronavirus is, it will be foolish to take your chance and let the disease spread. By getting a health insurance policy that includes COVID-19 vaccine can help with preventing the damaging effects of the novel coronavirus.   

Coverage for sum insured 

A number of insurance firms ensure that the COVID vaccine cover doesn’t cut in the base sum insured in the plans. They generally offer it with a separate limit, which in turn, doesn’t affect the cumulative bonus.  

Keep yourself financially secure 

Vaccinations prevent you from health issues that can lead to heavy medical expenses. With healthcare costs increasing at a greater rate than economic inflation, it is important to take all the necessary preventive measures to ensure your good health.  

When we talk specifically in terms of COVID vaccines, the vaccinations are very new and with new trials happening every day, we cannot say with utmost certainty which vaccine will be the most effective. 

There can be n-number of plausible adverse reactions to the vaccination which may call for hospitalization. A COVID-centric coverage will financially prepare you for the same. 

So here was the answer to is vaccination covered by insurance? And if it’s not, why is it important to get a health insurance policy which offers the COVID-19 support. At Onsurity, we have partnered with insurance providers who offer COVID-19 coverage including group health insurance to the members. Reach out to us at to become a member and avail those benefits.

To know more about what group health insurance policy, and it is benefits we recommend checking out our, “what is group health insurance?” blog. 

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