Continue your Onsurity healthcare membership benefits even after you make the job switch

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One of the biggest problems that employees working in a company with a kickass employee benefits plan face is the discontinuation of those employee healthcare membership options once they leave the organization. Outside of the public sector, the businesses offering a lifetime set of benefits are very few.  

Onsurity took it upon itself to change the matter.

We added a prominent feature across every Onsurity healthcare membership benefits wherein the member could continue with the plan even after they switch to a new company.  

Through a simple six-step process, employees can migrate their current plan into their new organization. We have also converted these steps into a web Onsurity membership continuation PDF that you can access from anywhere.  

How to keep your Onsurity membership healthcare benefits

We give you all the freedom to choose. Whether you want to continue with the same plan that your employer offered you or upgrade your membership – it’s completely in your hands. On a generic level, the higher the Onsurity membership plans you choose, the more you will be able to save, and the more family healthcare plans you will be able to avail.  

Besides the attractive affordable family healthcare plans, there are several reasons that make continuing with your Onsurity employee healthcare plan a lucrative deal. Let us look at some of them.  

Benefit of continuing membership based healthcare from Onsurity 

Onsurity membership healthcare benefits are designed to offer you comprehensive health and wellness benefits. We want to ensure you are fitter and healthier, so you can spend less time worrying about your health and more time doing things that matter. Here are just some of the great Onsurity membership healthcare benefits you can access:  

  • Doctor consultations: Using the Onsurity app, you can book consultations with a wide range of doctors near you, thanks to our partner. From common issues like acne to specialties like dietary, we have them all. You pick the doctor that works for you. Each doctor will have location, experience, cost and reviews/ratings so you know exactly what you are getting.   
  • Discounted medicine ordering: Onsurity partners give you access to a digital medical store. Simply scan and upload your prescription, and it will be delivered right to your doorstep. It is a simple three-step process.   
  • Discounted lab tests: Normally, you would have to search for a hospital and book a lab test. Not anymore. With Onsurity, you can book tests like COVID-19 antibody test, diabetes screening and more right from the app. Simply select the test you want and provide us with an address and time.  
  • Fitness tracking: We know it is hard to find the time (and motivation) to move. That’s why we have built fitness tracking into the Onsurity app. As you walk, the app syncs with Apple Health/Google Fit to track how far you move each day. Your challenge is to hit the 10,000-step goal every day. 
  • Good Doctor Team support: Your membership comes with health insurance, provided by our insurance partner. In case you have any doubts related to the claims process or hospitalization, our concierge service, the Good Doctor Team is on hand to help. Please remember, Onsurity is not an insurance provider, and we cannot authorize any claims for you. We simply help you understand the fine print. 
  • Add family members: Another advantage of Onsurity is that you can add your family members to your plan. Whether it is your spouse, sibling, children, parents, or your in-laws, Onsurity membership healthcare benefits provide your whole family a single, easy to manage healthcare platform, while making the process of adding a family member to your healthcare plan extremely easy. 
  • Free webinars: Our members get free access to our webinars that range from fitness and healthcare to employee productivity and motivation.  

This is not all, we have partnered with insurance companies who would help you continue your health insurance after leaving job. Our Onsurity membership healthcare benefits were designed keeping you in mind. That’s why we built all these great features into a subscription that is friendly to your wallet. Unlike other group health insurance for startups plans, Onsurity healthcare plans are an economical subscription. That is because we believe healthcare shouldn’t be a financial burden.  

If you want to access Onsurity membership healthcare benefits after leaving your current job, all you need to do is continue your Onsurity Plus membership. It takes five minutes to save you precious time and money in the long run.  

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