Top 8 Key Features of Group Health Insurance

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Group Health Insurance

With the consistent rise in healthcare costs, having a health insurance policy has become essential. Especially after the pandemic, having health insurance coverage has become a necessity. With adequate health coverage, it becomes easy for individuals to get coverage against rising expenses.

While buying health insurance is a personal choice, individuals who are working professionals also get access to health insurance through their employers. Group health insurance has become a valuable benefit, especially after the pandemic.

Employees today no longer look only at the monetary benefits but also consider the additional benefits offered by the company and group health insurance is important. Read on to know all about the features of a group health insurance policy. 

Top 8 Key Features of Group Health Insurance 

1. Extend coverage to family members

Group health insurance plans provide coverage to the employee, their spouse, kids, parents, and parents-in-law. The extended coverage comes at a fee or for free depending on the plan chosen by the company and the insurer. 

2. Pre and post-hospitalisation expenses

Pre-hospitalisation expenses refer to expenses borne before hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation refers to expenses borne after hospitalisation. These may include a series of medical tests, physiotherapy treatments, etc. as prescribed by the doctor. Most often, pre-hospitalisation expenses are covered for 30 days and post-hospitalisation for 60 days. However, the number of days covered may vary from insurer to insurer. 

3. No waiting period

The waiting period for health insurance simply refers to the time during which you cannot claim for insurance coverage. This includes a time period of 3-4 years. However, unlike individual health cover, group health insurance does not come with any waiting period. The waiting period is waived off with respect to pre-existing illnesses, specific diseases, etc.  

4. Coverage for pre-existing diseases:

Pre-existing diseases refer to the conditions you suffer from at the time of policy purchase. These include diabetes, cholesterol, cancer, etc. Under individual health coverage, there is a waiting period of 3-4 years for pre-existing conditions. With group health insurance, there is no waiting period for pre-existing conditions which means you can instantly raise a claim without having to wait. 

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5. No pre-medical check-up required

When you go out to buy health insurance, you are usually required to undergo a pre-medical test. This helps the insurance company determine your health status and the premium you are required to pay. Fortunately, for group health plans this is not the case as pre-medical screenings are waived off. 

6. Maternity coverage

One of the key features of group health insurance coverage is maternity coverage which is typically offered at an additional cost under health insurance. With group cover, maternity expenses i.e., delivery expenses are covered without any additional cost and few insurance companies provide newborn coverage as well. 

7. Cashless claims

Group health insurance companies have tie-ups with hospitals at which you can avail cashless claims facility. This refers to skipping the lengthy paperwork process and not paying anything at the time of hospitalisation. At the time of admission, all you need to do is display your health identity card and the claim will be settled based on the coverage offered under the policy. 

8. Additional benefits

Modern-day group health membership plans extend coverage beyond health insurance coverage. This includes additional wellness benefits like teleconsultation, pharmacy discounts, diagnostic discounts, etc.  

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A few of the benefits offered by Onsurity include 

  • Good doctors team: Our in-house doctor’s team provides you with instant claims assistance that gives you peace of mind at the time of hospitalisation.
  • Wellness activities: The team conducts regular webinars and health drives to educate you on excellent preventative and primary care
  • Admin panel: The Onsurity admin panel makes it easy for you as an organisation to add members, remove members, pay bills, etc. 

Apart from the above benefits, with Onsurity you can pay for the plan monthly which makes it furthermore affordable and attractive. The plan starts only at Rs. 145/month. 

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