Magicpin Partners with Onsurity to Expand Employee Health Benefits to 1,50,000 Merchants 

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Magicpin helps you save money while shopping, whether you are making the buy from large brands or small retailers, getting home delivery  or doing store walk-ins; from food, fashion, grocery to chemists; both online and offline. Being India’s #1 savings app, Magicpin has a huge base of over 1,50,0000 merchants.  

However, a major economic shock took place in the tough times of COVID-19 pandemic which led to many businesses closing their operations and suffering from huge losses. Moreover, businesses across sectors, witnessed huge attrition rate with workforce returning to their hometowns because of deducted or no salaries and the inability cope up with the increasing working capital.  

When Magicpin merchants were facing such problems while running their business and not being able to retain their employees, that’s when they took their initiative by partnering with Onsurity to support their merchants and their employees by providing Onsurity’s Healthcare Plan.  

Let’s talk more about how this partnership came in picture as an effective solution and helped Magicpin solve the issues of less employee retention which was affecting business.  

Magicpin Partners with Onsurity

Magicpin Partners with Onsurity

Magicpin partners with Onsurity for providing their team a three-month completely sponsored Healthcare Membership covering their huge base of 1,50,000+ merchants and multiple employees. 

Onsurity is India’s only healthcare platform providing affordable monthly, comprehensive employee healthcare to SMEs, MSMEs, Startups and growing businesses. The goal is to ensure every team member has full access to healthcare benefits for a better future.  

Magicpin Partners with Onsurity

The Onsurity employee healthcare plan will not just help promote better health of the entire team but will also help increase team members retention, boost their morale, productivity, attract talent and enable every merchant to build a happier workforce in overall. That’s how Onsurity’s Healthcare Membership is preparing to help Magicpin overcome tough situations and experience the host of benefits.  

All About Onsurity’s Comprehensive Healthcare Membership for Magicpin Team 

Comprehensive healthcare is the way to go. Rather than providing a plan with single benefit to the team members for their health, it is better to provide them with a plan that covers multiple benefits for complete healthcare, making it all in one package. That is exactly what has been provided to Magicpin from Onsurity’s Healthcare Plans.   

Onsurity’s healthcare membership is bundled with multiple benefits like group health insurance and group personal accident cover for team members, discounted health check-ups and medicines with online delivery and free doctor teleconsultations.  

Along with that, it also includes wellness benefits like fitness webinars which would provide effective workout sessions to keep the team members healthy and fit. An all-rounder plan like this, will keep team members tension-free and feel safer than ever. This way, Magicpin merchants will also be able to attract and retain talent at their business.   

Onsurity’s Vision of Healthcare and result of our Powerful Teamwork 

Our vision is to provide simplified healthcare products to every single organization to ensure their team members have full access to complete healthcare without any limitations in their health benefits, through which all the team members will be unstoppable and healthy enough to work effectively in any business. 

Onsurity is proud to have partnered with 1000+ SMEs, providing healthcare to over 95,000+ members. We have partnered with the likes of Jupiter Money, ABFRL, Zolo Stays, Webengage, Whitehat Jr., Park+ among others and we are glad to welcome Magicpin as one of our partners now. 

We believe that financial and economic business crisis might be short-lived, and we shall overcome these tough times very soon. However, health is always meant to be taken care of every day and every time during or post pandemic. With an organization providing healthcare benefits to their team, members will help grow their company faster and better with full enthusiasm. 

You can subscribe to Onsurity healthcare plans starting at Rs 145/month from here in just 2 min or you can reach us directly at if you have any questions.

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