National Nutrition Week 2021: “feeding smart right from start”

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The goal of organizing the events during National Nutrition Week 2021 is to make people learn about new eating habits that can help them obtain good nutrients and build better health. 

Food is the necessity of life. We can’t live without eating as it is an essential factor for our survival. There are different varieties of foods we must include in our diet on a regular basis for better body functioning like transportation of nutrients, digestion, growth and repair of muscle mass, provide body with fluids, energy and so on.

In other words, this whole process is called nutrition which means providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth.

The concept of nutrition is divided into many parts however its basic sub division is in the form of nutrients which are substances that provide nourishment essential for the maintenance. There are 6 basic nutrients that our body needs and these nutrients are present in different food sources mentioned further.

National Nutrition Week 2021

The 6 Essential Nutrients & their sources

  • Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are necessary for a healthy body. Carbs fuel your body, especially your central nervous system and brain, and protect against disease. Rich and healthy sources of carbs include – variety of whole grains like quinoa, oats, wheat, brown rice etc.
  • Protein: Protein provides the building blocks of the body, and not just for muscle. Every cell, from bone to skin to hair, contains protein. Read more about your daily protein intake here. Sources of proteins include – meat, fish, eggs, dairy, soy, lentils etc.
  • Fats: Including healthy fats in your diet can help you to balance your blood sugar, decrease your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, and improve your brain function. Sources include – healthy fats in nuts, seeds, fish, and vegetable oils.
  • Vitamins: Vitamins are vital for warding off disease and staying healthy. The body needs these micronutrients to support its functions. Sources of vitamins include well-balanced diet full of vegetables and fruits, apart from that, vitamins are found in several sources but depending on your requirements, you may also consume multivitamins, if necessary.
  • Minerals: Much like vitamins, minerals help support the body. They’re essential for many body functions, including building strong bones and teeth, regulating your metabolism, and staying properly hydrated. While minerals and vitamins are both found in food sources of several other nutrients like carbs, fats and proteins, they are very rich in fruits and vegetables.
  • Water: Water is absolutely crucial for every system in your body. It’s also the main thing you are made of. Here’s some more information about the importance of drinking more water and tips to stay hydrated. Sources include – Water, water-rich fruits and vegetables, coconut water etc.

Building healthy eating habits – Why and How?

Fitness and nutrition are not just about changing our shape but overall body health. Unhealthy eating is one of the major reasons behind daily life-threatening increasing cases of lifestyle diseases like – obesity, hypertension, PCOS, strokes, diabetes etc. To prevent that, we need to fuel our body in the following correct ways:

A healthy plate & making the right choice

A well balanced diet consists of all these 6 essential nutrients in the diet covering all the food groups like – whole grains, dairy, meat & eggs, pulses, oils and nuts, fruits and vegetables which are the basics of any meal plan. Making the right choice in these food groups is important too.

One should choose whole foods instead of processed like whole grains instead of refined, whole fruits over juices, centre every meal at least a source around protein and swapping the junk food (having empty calories) with a healthier version which includes fiber, vitamins, protein etc. to nourish body well, and feel full for long.

Portion Size

“Do not eat less, but eat right”. It’s true but, up to an extent. Apart from just taking care of the kind of food sources that we choose to eat, our fitness goals depend a lot on our portion size. If your goal is weight loss, it is important to reduce the portion size to stay in a calorie deficit, no matter how healthy you eat.

Similarly, if your goal is weight gain, increase portion size to stay in a calorie surplus. So, portion size plays an important role in weight management and overall desired health goals.

Having an eating schedule

An eating schedule with a fixed routine – can be with the variations in some meals but a diet plan with proper meal division and timings like when to have breakfast, lunch, evening snack, pre workout meals and dinner can help promote disciplined eating habits to get rid of false hunger, late night or extra cravings in the day and to stay away from indulging in less or more food at all.

A schedule can ensure nourishment, weight management and stay on track with a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of the Right Nutrition

Following the right nutrition approaches, which means building healthy eating habits is as important as just simply eating on a regular basis for basic survival. The way we consume food affects our health in different ways. It can either have a positive or a negative impact on our health, depending on our eating habits which covers what do we eat, how much do we eat etc. Here are the benefits of consuming the right nutrition. 

Helps boost immunity

The condition of our immune system depends a lot on what and how we eat. With the right nutrition, our immunity keeps well and prevents us from frequent illness often, reducing the number of visits to the doctor or consuming medicines which improves our overall body functioning and promotes good health.

Helps manage weight & physique

Healthy food sources, portion size and overall eating routine can help manage weight, prevent obesity, illness and even help you get better physique for a drastic transformation. After all, nutrition is primarily important to get the results and it plays even more of an important role than exercise.

Supports mental wellbeing

Eating the right foods can actually make you happier. This contributes to better overall mental well-being and protects you against mental health issues.

Prevents aging

With the above three benefits, An overall good nutrition indeed helps prevent the signs of aging too. Healthy food sources also enhance the quality of our skin and hair.

National Nutrition week 2021

About National Nutrition Week 2021

The National Nutrition Week is observed every year from 1st to 7th September. The objective of taking this week into consideration is to raise health and wellness awareness through right nutrition. During the national nutrition week, there are various initiatives taken up by the government which primarily focus on right sources of food and eating habits for a healthy body, correct nutrition and lifestyle.

As nutrition plays an important role in an individual’s life, it is necessary to have the right amount of nutrition including all the essential nutrients and incorporating every food group in the right amount.

Theme for National Nutrition Week 2021

This year, the theme for the National Nutrition Week 2021 is “feeding smart right from start” which means, developing healthy eating habits since the child birth to reduce the chances of illness, lifestyle disorders and promote better health from the young age itself.

This theme will also help reduce the chances of child obesity which is often seen among the little ones due to unhealthy eating habits. It is important for every child as well as their parents or guardians to realize the importance of kids nutrition and promote such healthy habits right from the start by encouraging them to eat healthy instead of feeding them packaged foods or taking their food habits for granted.

In the week-long campaign, sub-programs such as Healthy Khayega India, Bharat Poshan Premier Quiz and Good Food Talk Show will have people of all age groups taking part in it.

The Bottom Line

Maintaining discipline and consistency in our eating habits is as important as maintaining the same in our working schedule. Our health comes first before anything else, no matter what. Without a good health, we possibly can’t work on any task or activity, move ourselves or even have enough energy to think properly.

So, the best way to maintain a good health is by having a proper nutrition, a fitness schedule and an overall healthy lifestyle.

After all, your body is a black canvas, choose wisely what you put into it.

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