5 New Year Party Ideas for Teams to Ring in 2021

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After the year we have had, you can be forgiven for wanting a new year party. Despite the pandemic and economic crisis, there is hope that 2021 will be a better year for all of us. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still very much around. That means traditional new year party ideas are not going to happen. 

While it is not confirmed yet, it is very likely we won’t be seeing, or taking part in the traditional new year’s street parties. Because of the pandemic, things may seem bleak and sad, but it is not as bad as that. 

With traditional events cancelled, it is a good opportunity for you, your family and your colleagues to celebrate the new year in a new way. You can still have plenty of fun doing something new, while staying safe. Even better, you can save a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on overpriced entry tickets, food and drinks.  

Wondering how? Here are just five pandemic-friendly new year party ideas for you to try. We are sure you will find something in here you would love to try.  

5 Pandemic-Friendly New Year Party Ideas

Virtual Scavenger Hunts 

new year party ideas: scavenger hunt

You may not have been able to travel the world, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t see it. Use Google Maps to organise a virtual scavenger hunt. All you need to do is create a list of clues that lead to specific landmarks or places in cities. If you really want to have fun, pick smaller cities and countries that aren’t as famous as Mumbai, New York or Los Angeles.  

Get on Zoom or other video-calling apps to add to the festivities. It’s a good way to involve not just colleagues or friends, but also children. It’s a fun way to learn about your next holiday destination! 

Know Your Team 

new year party ideas: talent hunt

Thanks to the pandemic, it is very likely you would have onboarded new colleagues virtually. If you haven’t had a chance to know them personally before, a new year party is the best time to do so! Organize games like Truth or Dare for some serious ice breaking. 

If that isn’t something you like, why not have a talent show where each member of the team gets to show off their skills? You’d be surprised at the hidden talents of some people. You can also organize a company-wide virtual bonfire night, where people share their adventures, stories and wishes.  

Game Night 

5 New Year Party Ideas for Teams to Ring in 2021

From Uno to Bingo, you can find virtual versions of almost all your favourite games. Simply pick a game of your choice, and play.  You can also indulge in board games virtually if you like. COVID has opened a world of possibilities, all you need to do is spend a few minutes on Google. 

We recommend playing over video call for added fun. If you really want to amp up in the fun, why not hold a costume contest as well? It’s a great way to see people get creative. Select a theme and let your team go crazy.  

Movie Night 

new year party idea- movie night

Another good socially distanced new year party idea is a movie night. Picking the movie is going to be a tough decision, but we are sure there’s something your entire team can watch together. You can also include your employees’ families for a more festive feel.   

To watch together, you can use apps like Netflix Party, Scener, or even Amazon’s Prime Video Party feature. No matter what platform you pick, there’s a way to enjoy a film (or two) as one large family. You can substitute the popcorn for healthier snacks as an added guilt-free bonus. 

Drive-By Parades 

new year party idea - drive by parade

Drive-by parades aren’t new, but they have become very popular thanks to the pandemic. If video calls aren’t enough, get in your car and drive down to your colleague’s house with some gifts. Leave the gifts at their door and enjoy a few minutes with them through the window.  

That way, not only do you get to see your colleagues, but you can do so safely without putting them, or yourself at risk. It’s a good idea to decorate your front door and get your visitors to click selfies with the decorations.  

We know these ideas can’t replace the warm hugs of your friends and colleagues. However, you must remember that winter is when COVID-19 will peak. That’s why these alternative new year party ideas are so good. They allow you to truly enjoy being close to your team and doing something fun together, without putting yourself at too much risk.  

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