6 Exciting New Year Resolutions for HR Professionals

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With the year we have had, we won’t blame you for wanting to party extra hard on New Year’s Eve. However, with social distancing and remote working still very much a present, it can be hard to celebrate the event with your work family. Don’t worry! We have you covered. We’ve listed down 8 New Year Resolutions for HR Managers and Teams to adopt. 

Following this will allow the entire team to take stock of the previous year, and plan for the year ahead. It’s not all work though, we’ve also included some fun party ideas that you can safely do. This blog is especially for our HR friends. We hope you find some inspiring ideas for your team.  

You don’t have to implement all these goals at once. Spread them out over the coming weeks, giving you and your company time to adjust to the changes. These new year goals will make your company a great place to work, and don’t cost much to implement.

6 New Year Resolutions for HR

 New Year Resolutions for HR Professionals

Whether you are an SME, a startup or a large corporate, resources will be limited. It’s very likely that you will start the new year planning your resources, so why not bring the whole team on board if possible? You never know when someone will have a good idea. 

New year goals that are taken collectively tend to be easier to reach since the whole company will be on board. As an HR, you need to organize one-to-ones between the top management and each team. Give teams an opportunity to pitch the resources they need. If you set your goals right, you will know which resources to prioritize.  

New Year Goals For Communication

new year goals for communication

The more open your team, the less likely it will be you have misunderstandings. Make adopting a culture of open communication a part of your new year goals. Work with management to set time aside monthly for a company town hall. That gives all employees an option to address their concerns, and for management to check-in.  

As an HR, you also need to clearly define communication channels, after all too much communication can also be a bad thing. Set clear regulations on what each channel like email, Slack, Teams and WhatsApp is for, and make it a company-wide policy.  

Prioritise Work-Life Balance

work-life balance goals

The best new year goals are around building a more people-centric company. That starts with building a work-life balance for the whole team. A Genius Consultants survey found that 20.33% of respondents feel work-life balance needs improvement. You can read more about building a better work-life balance in our other blog here.  

As an HR, create a stringent policy on the boundaries of work, ensuring your team has adequate time for their family. That way, they will be healthy and mentally fresh to tackle new challenges each day. Make it a part of your employee wellness programs, so that it becomes part of your corporate culture. 

Have Some Fun

game nights

Now for the fun new year goals– socially distanced games! Get your entire team on a call and organize regular game nights. From karaoke to dumb charades, the possibilities are endless. It’s a good way to relax for the whole team. 

As a New Year Resolutions for HR, why not make this game night a regular part of your corporate culture? A weekly or monthly games night is sure to keep your team entertained, and motivated to give their best.  

New Year Goals for HR: More Ice Breakers

new year goals ice breakers

As an HR, it is very likely you will be onboarding new employees remotely for the foreseeable future. In fact, it is very likely that you already would have onboarded a few employees during the pandemic. Make sure that they are a proper part of the team with regular virtual icebreakers.  

These ice breakers should be all about the new recruits. As an HR manager, you could consider doing a quiz about the company after their first month. It will be a fun way for them to get to know the company better. Ice breakers are great for old employees as well, after all, you never know what new skill they would’ve learnt in the last few months. 

Get Your Team Healthcare

Get healthcare with Onsurity

The new year brings with it an opportunity for change. Why not use this time to really focus on your team’s healthcare and welfare? Work-life balance and support systems are a great start, but what you really need is comprehensive employee healthcare benefits.  

We aren’t just talking about group health insurance for startups and SMEs, but something much better. You need business health plans that provide preventive wellness and care, which is why Onsurity is here. If you are looking for new year goals, then there’s nothing better than creating a healthier team with Onsurity’s employee wellness programs. 

300+ SMEs and startups have made Onsurity their “preferred healthcare partner” and for good reason. Our health benefits for startups offer benefits like teleconsultations, discounted health check-ups and medicine ordering, fitness tracking and monthly health insurance for startups with our insurance partner.  

It’s more flexible and economical, allowing you to save more while giving your team the healthcare they deserve. Of all the new year goals you will have, creating a healthier team will be the most beneficial.

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