Onsurity in 2020: A Look Back at the Pandemic Year

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As another year comes to an end, we are all set with new hopes for 2021, new fitness resolutions, personal growth targets, business goals and more. For most of us, looking back at 2020 is a tough but necessary move, not just because of the challenges we have all faced unanimously, but because of all the lessons learned, the changes, and the guidance meted to adjust to the “new normal”. 

The Onsurity Story

For us at Onsurity, the year was equally challenging, but it was and will continue to be the most important year in our journey as a startup. As the request for healthcare grew tremendously around the world, we faced the effects of the pandemic shields-up and built a product and team entirely from our homes. What kept us going in these times was the fact that millions of struggling workers, employees, business people out there needed us to continue our work – so that they could have the healthcare they deserve.  

Major Achievements of Onsurity

  • 100+ SMEs and Startups and 10K+ employees and their families, and counting
  • Recognised as a Tech30 Startup for 2020 by YourStory
  • Announced as Winners at the India 500 Startup Awards 2020, leaders in the category of HealthTech, Healthcare, Employee Benefits and Fintech

Onsurity’s TeamSure plan really stands out in the market not just because of their all-round healthcare features and app but also because of their great service.

Geetika M (Park+), A Happy Client of Onsurity

Shaping the Future of Employee Health Benefits

We are proud to say, that today we have over 100+ SMEs and Startups and 10K+ employees and their families. We have managed to make a significant impact in the lives of innumerable people, giving them access to affordable employee healthcare. It is truly humbling to see how, through our product, employees have managed to consult doctors, saved on health check-ups, medicines and in many cases get hospitalized without worrying about accessibility, bills, and paperwork. 

Here is a look back at Onsurity in 2020 and how we weathered the storm.

Onsurity’s Journey Till Now

Starting with a Big Bang 

Onsurity’s journey began in February 2020, when we were incorporated. Working out of our founder’s house, a few hardworking and driven team members put together the future of health benefits for start-ups and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprise).  

Here is a look at our key milestones since then: 

Onsurity in 2020: A Look Back at the Pandemic Year

Despite the chaos of COVID-19, our team managed to develop such an impressive product, that not one, but two major brands recognized Onsurity in 2020. First, YourStory recognized Onsurity as a Tech30 Startup for 2020 at its TechSparks 2020 event.  

As our first major award within a few months of our inception, the team was beyond elated to be recognized. This was a huge moment not just for Team Onsurity, but all our customers, members, and investors. It was proof that they had placed their faith in the right team.  

The perfect way to mark Christmas came when we were also announced as winners at the India 500 Startup Awards 2020, leaders in the category of HealthTech, Healthcare, Employee Benefits and Fintech. 

Happy and Healthy Customers Are Our Priority  

Building a product when you never meet the customers or clients is a challenge, but that is where we excelled. Our team managed to onboard and provide critical support to our customers right from their homes. 

In less than a year, Onsurity has onboarded 300+ customers from diverse industries. Here are just a few of the industries we have managed to revolutionise through our comprehensive healthcare benefits for employees: 

Onsurity in 2020: A Look Back at the Pandemic Year

Today, some of the leading companies in India call us as their “preferred healthcare partner”-

Onsurity in 2020: A Look Back at the Pandemic Year

Media Mentions About Onsurity in 2020

As Onsurity’s popularity grew, so did our mentions in the media. Our founders have been invited to write for several platforms, and the company itself has become a topic for many organizations. Here are just a few of the many articles that have covered Onsurity in 2020:

Building a Team at Onsurity

Supporting and delivering health benefits for so many startups and SMEs would not be possible without a dedicated and passionate team. On February 10th, we opened our office in Bellandur, Bengaluru with big hopes and dreams like any other startup. 

Onsurity office

Unfortunately, the pandemic dictated otherwise. Today with 50+ passionate team members, we built 70% of the team remotely. Working from their home offices all over the country, the team came together to help build something truly revolutionary.  

Despite never having met each other, our team worked relentlessly at all odd hours to give our customers the support they need, whether it was purchasing our membership or helping a team member with hospitalization. That’s because we found innovative ways to stay connected and motivate each other during the pandemic.  

They are always available for any assistance, from the founders to POC’s are always on their toes to ensure an effective communication.

Kishan Verma (Yolobus), A Happy Client of Onsurity

From virtual town halls to guest speaker sessions to Secret Santa (thanks to Dunzo, Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon and others), we’ve done it all! Thanks to the pandemic, Onsurity in 2020 has found some great ways to create an exciting company culture, even without going to a physical office.  

Onsurity team photo collage

Looking Ahead 

While 2020 posed its own challenges and gave us opportunities, we cannot wait for 2021 to unfold one day at a time. Onsurity hopes to serve many more businesses and their employees and family members. We will continue to give more companies access to affordable employee healthcare. We believe healthcare benefits should be a basic right for all employees, whether full-time, part-time, freelance or contract.  

Innovative product and plan. Everything is simple, smooth, and hassle-free.

Yeshwant Reddy (Sundarvijayam Automobile Services), A Happy Client of Onsurity

That’s why we are working hard to create business health plans that are affordable and flexible for SMEs and startups. No matter what industry you are in, we are sure you will find Onsurity as an ideal healthcare partner.  


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