What separates Onsurity customer experience from others?

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At the core of every business’s success lies addressing customer satisfaction. It does not matter even if a product or service is near perfect, customer’s need the reliability and convenience of being able to reach out for help. Onsurity recognizes this as one of our greatest assets instead of just addressing it. We aren’t bound by what sets us apart but the quality of our services and what they mean to our end-user as well as our partners. 

The 4 Pillars of Onsurity Customer Experience 

It is essential to not waste time or money in inconspicuous aspects of customer experience but on things that really matter when it comes to our customer experience setting us apart. To discuss it we need to mention our 4 Pillars of Customer Experience 

  • The Membership Benefits 
  • Accessibility 
  • The Good Doctors Team 
  • The Customer Support Team 

Onsurity customer experience

The Membership Advantages 

To start with, it is essential to note how are we making this employee benefits product a win-win situation for the end-users. To showcase and prove that our employee membership is a 360-degree approach solution here are the benefits of the membership: 

  • It’s India’s first Monthly subscription healthcare platform 
  • Group health and group personal accidental Insurance for members. Group term life insurance can also be provided through Lifecare membership.  
  • Order medicines and get health check- ups @ discounted prices 
  • Free specialised doctor consultations 

Wellness Benefits:   

  • Mental wellness sessions   
  • Health and fitness webinars   
  • Dental and vision plans  
  • Gym memberships 
  • LIVE Webinars by industry experts 
  • Addition of family members in the plan with most affordable personal purchase  
  • Seamless process to continue the plan even after leaving the organization 
  • Plan upgradation for greater benefits through personal purchase 

There is a consistent addition of new offers and benefits being added to the membership trying to address a customer, whether end-user’s or partner’s expectations and requirements through our memberships. 

Accessibility – The Digital Dashboard & The Onsurity App 

Technology plays a very important part in customer experience because our membership is completely paperless, and we run with maximum security protocols necessary to protect both our partner’s and consumer’s information both sensitive and otherwise. But this is just the basics. What we dive deep into is giving the customers the perfect solution through technology.

Our digital dashboard which allows to manage the membership from the partner’s end is accessible on a browser or phone and the end-user has the Onsurity App at their disposal to use the benefits of the membership. Both are being constantly improved with respect to user experience, data security and management and billing. The Onsurity App is available on any smart phone, giving it the anytime, anywhere advantage which is so essential for a health app. The processes run seamlessly and everything is designed to give the most simplistic accessibility. 

The Good Doctors Team 

As a member of Onsurity, people get the privileged access to the services of Good Doctors Team. This team of experts help the members not only during the hospitalization, cashless claim processes and reimbursement queries but a whole lot more. 

Here are some the queries that they address: 

  • You are wondering if a particular treatment is covered or not. 
  • OR you are at the hospital not knowing how to initiate cashless. 
  • OR you do not know which room to opt for. 
  • Are you overwhelmed with the paperwork for a reimbursement claim? 
  • OR you are not sure, what to opt for cashless or reimbursement? 
  • You do not know how to expedite the cashless or reimbursement process? 
  • Your plan is new, and you do not have a card but want to avail cashless. 

Now these scenarios seem like complete chaos, but the Good Doctors Team addresses it all. Good Doctors team at Onsurity delivers an all-round claims support service driven by highly experienced health insurance professionals. The team’s expertise facilitates and guarantee optimization of claims under the umbrella of cover. While the processes in the claims journey may sound simple, in the real-life scenario, things can turn tricky and a subject matter expert to consult as a concierge is a great solace.

That is where Good Doctors Team adds value. The kind of experience these professionals hold translates to valuing minute aspects of claims. This is of great significance in anticipating out of pocket expenses, accommodation counselling, and claims settlement. 

The Customer Support Team 

In our existence as a company for less than 2 years, we have built a dedicated team of customer-centric professionals who are able to build our branding based on the experiences of our partners and members. It is best explained in this video: 


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