Onsurity For Employees – A Product Walkthrough

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When it comes to employee benefits, healthcare always takes the limelight. It is no longer a privilege but a necessity that gets often ignored simply due to lack of awareness or the more unfortunate: accessibility. Onsurity is here to change the topography of employee healthcare in India, making it accessible for not just the big brands but SMEs, start-ups, and small businesses in India. While we have always discussed the advantages HR teams and business owners have partnering with Onsurity for employees, let us take a closer look what all this means for the employees.

Onsurity for employees – The all-in-one app for your Healthcare and Wellness

Your company can onboard you in the membership. Once you are notified, you can download the Onsurity App on your iOS or Android mobile device and start using your membership by simply logging in with your work contact information. There is plan that your company gives you access to, but you can always upgrade it for greater benefits through the app if you feel the need. We will come to that later. But first let us take you around the most convenient features of this membership.

Knowing Your Membership Details

Onsurity For Employees - A Product Walkthrough

It all starts with knowing what is included in your Onsurity Membership and accessing them in your app. All the features are available on your Dashboard. You can always tap on ‘View more’ to get a detailed overview of your membership details.

Doctor Tele-consultations

Whether it is a small itch in your throat or a throbbing pain in your chest, any health issues need to be addressed instantly. Driving down to a clinic and waiting in the queue is also not just time-consuming but inconvenient. So why not take the first step to address the symptom at home.

Onsurity For Employees - A Product Walkthrough

Doctors are available through the Onsurity app round the clock for consultation at a nominal cost. Some plans come with free sessions too.

Ordering Medicines Online

We have partnered with some renowned online medicine providing brands to give you the comfort of having your medicines delivered home. You also get the medicines at a price lower than the market price.

Booking health check-ups

One of the best ways we can waste time is by going to the diagnostic centre for getting health check-ups done when you have Onsurity in your phone. That’s right, it is a waste of time. Also, the health check-ups come at discounted rates through our app. Simply book a slot and make the payment. The collection agent will reach you on the time given, without any hassles. You can even choose special packages with multiple tests.

Claims and reimbursement: The Good Doctors Team

Onsurity For Employees - A Product Walkthrough

Some of your memberships may include group health insurance, personal accident insurance or even group term life insurance benefits. To make claims and reimbursement you can request applications on the app itself with access to claim documentation information and forms in the relevant insurance section. You can also check out the list of cashless hospitals near you. That’s not all. The Good Doctors Team is a team of expert professionals who will help in hospitalization and claims reimbursement processes with ease. Once you place a request through the app, you will be contacted by this team.

Upgrading your Membership

If your membership does not include any one of the features mentioned above, you can always upgrade it to a higher plan through the upgrade plan section. You can simply make the payment, checkout and the additional amount for the added benefits will be debited from the mentioned account.

Adding family members to your plan

Tap on ‘Buy for Your Family’ in your plan membership and choose and add the relevant details. Once you have added the family member’s details you can subscribe to the plan immediately.

Welcome Kit with Wellness Benefits

You will also receive a welcome kit on your work email. This kit includes exclusive benefits on top wellness brands including Lenskart, Flatheads, Myntra to name a few.

Webinars on Healthcare, Wellness and More

Onsurity For Employees - A Product Walkthrough

Finally, you get special invites to exclusive webinars for healthcare and wellness. Whether it is Nutrition or information on Covid-19 Third Wave or meditation sessions for mental wellness. You have all the access here. All you need to do is register for the event, through the digital form invite sent to you via email. You can also share the email and let your friends and family be a part of these webinars.


Onsurity For Employees - A Product Walkthrough

For miscellaneous features such as activating push notifications, WhatsApp notifications, rating the App or even giving us feedback you can use the access button.

Bottom line

All-in-all it this membership helps to make sure that your healthcare isn’t left ignored. Incase you aren’t a member yet. Connect your HR Team or employer with us by mailing us at partners@onsurity.com . Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for more updates.

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