What makes Onsurity healthcare plan for small businesses the best choice for SMEs?

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When it comes to offering a comprehensive employee benefits plan, small businesses are often at loss because of the high cost of corporate plans and limited coverage for their small team size. In such a situation they, more often than not, end up with an expensive corporate health insurance plan that eats into their working capital but doesn’t offer any real benefits to their employees, while what they truly need is a comprehensive healthcare plan for small businesses.  

This event is leading to startups not being able to hire or retain a skilled team of employees, which in turn brings them several years back in terms of gaining a competitive edge. Onsurity small employer healthcare plans can be a great solution to this issue.  

In this article, we are going to look into the many ways Onsurity healthcare plans for SMEs is the best choice for startups looking to go beyond small business health insurance and offer comprehensive benefits to their employees.  

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How is Onsurity healthcare plan for small businesses bigger than group health insurance? 

Makes employee healthcare bigger than small business health insurance

Small business group health insurance can be extremely restrictive in nature. With limitations like limited coverage, restricted to permanent employees, limited provision to add family members, etc., it ends up being a formality for the employees.  

Onsurity takes employee healthcare benefits beyond group employee insurance. Every membership plan comes with a range of benefits like discounted medicine delivery, free doctor teleconsultations, discounted health checkups, and partner provided health insurance for employees. 

Startup-friendly membership costs

Onsurity membership plans, irrespective of which plan variant you choose (more on than later) start at Rs. 145 payable on a per month basis. The pricing includes group mediclaim policy for employees along with a range of healthcare benefits designed to keep employees healthy physically and mentally.  

The cost in itself is lower than an employee’s per month tea expense. Don’t believe us? Calculate. 

Multiple healthcare plans options

Onsurity healthcare plans for small businesses comes with a number of different options. The SMEs can select the best option on the basis of their business needs, team type, and business size. The plans while different on the front of benefits, discounts/free offerings, or the coverage, unite on one front – they all keep your employees’ health and wellness at the center.  

Within the plans as well, you get the options to select the best payment plan as per your choice in terms of both mode of payment and the payment cycle. 

Freedom to upgrade plans 

Onsurity plans come with the provision for employees to upgrade their healthcare membership to an advanced version than what is sponsored by their employers. Meaning, the members can upgrade to a much advanced healthcare benefits plan by paying the differential amount – a feature that no other employee health service provider offers. 

Open for multiple employee types 

At Onsurity we understand that interns, freelancers, and blue-collar workers are the lifeblood of any startup that runs on a budget. We also know the lack of healthcare benefits that they get under a corporate healthcare plan.  

Onsurity healthcare plan for small businesses changes that by extending the benefits to the freelancers, interns, and blue-collar workers. The plans are designed to start at even Rs. 49 per employee per month.  

So here are the many ways that make Onsurity healthcare plans for small businesses the right choice. Convinced? Let us help you. Reach out to us at partners@onsurity.com. Our team will make you a plan that will be customized according to your team size, your business model, and the needs of your employees. It’s time to take control of your employees’ health and give them the benefits they deserve.

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