Onsurity Membership – 5 Simple Options to Pick From

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Onsurity Membership

When you want to buy a new phone, you love to have options right? Why should your healthcare be any different? Keeping in mind affordability and requirements, we at Onsurity created different employee healthcare plans under our Onsurity membership.  

We wanted employers to have the freedom to choose a plan that works for them. We also wanted to make it easy for employees to upgrade if they needed to and include their family members for whom they care. That way, everyone has a healthcare plan that suits their needs. After all, everyone is different, so a one-size won’t fit all.  

As a startup ourself, we understand the challenges that teams face when it comes to providing employee healthcare benefits. Most plans aren’t built for small businesses. They are either too expensive, don’t have enough benefits, or are not flexible enough to suit the business needs. That’s why we created the Onsurity Plus membership. Our plans are financially friendly and flexible enough to adapt to your emerging business needs.

Common Features of All Onsurity Membership Options

Plans under the Onsurity Plus membership are comprehensive and designed for SMEs and startups. Irrespective of the plan you choose, there are certain common features you will have access to through the Onsurity mobile app. These include: 

1. Doctor Teleconsultations

Book and talk to reputed doctors all over India straight from the App. No matter what your issue is, we have a doctor on board who can help. With reviews, pricing, and education all clearly mentioned, you pick the doctor you want. As an added bonus, you also get free consultation(s) with your plan as you move ahead in your membership period. We also provide special consultations at just Rs. 99/-. 

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2. Discounted Online Medicine Store

Our partners give you access to a digital medical store, right inside the Onsurity app. Order prescriptions or over the counter medication in three simple steps, so you do not have to worry about going out. As a perk, you also get great discounts you won’t find elsewhere. 

3. Discounted Lab Test Booking:

Whether it is an annual health checkup or a diabetes screening, the Onsurity app makes it quick and easy to book tests of all kinds right from the comfort of your home. 

4. Insurance Benefits

Apart from the Topaz Plan, all other plans come with complimentary health insurance for Onsurity Plus members. Our partner insurer has a wide range of network hospitals, for you to get cashless hospitalisation and cashless insurance. 

That’s not all though. As a valued member of Onsurity, you also get access to a digital dashboard to maintain your plan. You also have access to Onsurity’s Good Doctor Team, a group of medical experts who can help you understand your plan, and help with the paperwork. We also host regular webinars covering everything from fitness to personal and mental care.  

While these are available for all plan types, the discounts or access you get will depend on the plan you choose. The higher the plan, the greater you and your team’s savings. Here’s a look at what each plan has to offer.  

Onsurity Membership Variants

As an employer, when you sign up with Onsurity, you will have the ability to choose between five different employee healthcare plans. You pick the plan that fits your budget, and your employees can upgrade if they wish. This benefits both of you. As an employer, you can pick a plan that’s affordable. Employees have the freedom to pay extra if they feel like they need it, or want to add family.  

Onsurity Plus membership options

Here’s a handy table detailing all the benefits of each plan: 

Plan Topaz Onyx Opal Ruby Jade
GHI Sum Insured (INR) by insurance partner  Not available  1 Lakh  2 Lakhs  3 Lakhs  5 Lakhs 
Discounts on medicines per month  Up to 20% off on 3 orders  Up to 20% off on 5 orders  Up to 20% off on 5 orders  Up to 20% off on unlimited orders  Up to 20% off on unlimited orders 
Discounts on Health check-ups per month  Up to 65% off on 3 orders  Up to 65% off on 3 orders  Up to 65% off on 5 orders  Up to 65% off on 5 orders  Up to 65% off on unlimited orders 
Good Doctor’s Concierge services  Not available  Available  Available  Available  Available 
Free TeleConsultation  1 free consultation every 3 months of continued subscription   1 free consultation every 3 months of continued subscription   2 free consultations. 1 for every   3 months of continued subscription  3 free consultations. 1 for every   3 months of continued subscription   4 free consultations. 1 for every   3 months of continued subscription 

The Advantage for You and Your Team

For a post-COVID world, you need a comprehensive and affordable employee healthcare plan which gives you all-around wellness service and financial security. At Onsurity, our plans are 50% less compared to the market and come with all these great value-added services. 

That means you end up paying less, for a lot more. Your employees win too. These services, like teleconsultations and medicine orders, will cost them extra if availed elsewhere. With the Onsurity Plus membership, they have access to these great features at a discounted price. Everyone saves!  

For the 21st-century worker, traditional employee benefits just won’t do. No matter what industry you are in, your benefits need to be up-to-date. That’s where we come in. The Onsurity Plus membership offers preventive care benefits that are made for the modern employee. So, don’t delay, get your team an Onsurity Plus subscription today.  

Head to our website to sign up. All it takes is two minutes.  

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