With Onsurity Plus, You Can Give Your Family the Gift of Healthcare

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Onsurity Plus are employee healthcare plans designed to put employee wellbeing front and centre. From doctor teleconsultations to discounted health check-ups, we have built some useful features into the app. But it is not just your wellbeing we care about. Onsurity Plus is a healthcare plan designed for the whole family. 

We care for your family like our own. That is why we have given employees and employers the ability to add siblings, spouse, children and parents to their plan. With us, employers and employees can give your family the gift of healthcare without having to break the bank. 

How you ask? Here’s a look at everything you need to know about adding your family to your OnsurityPlus membership. 

The Basics of Onsurity Plus

Onsurity Plus is our healthcare membership that your employer would have bought for you. With it, you get access to benefits to doctor teleconsultations, discounted health check-ups and medicine delivery, fitness tracking and more. With the healthcare membership, you also get health insurance provided through our insurance partner, whose Sum Insured will depend on the plan your employer picked.  

Your employer can choose to provide wellness membership plans to either you or you and your family. In the case he does not provide access to your family, you can add them by paying for their membership from your own pocket.  Don’t worry though, our economical monthly subscription means you will be paying very little per month. 

By adding your family, they get access to the same great benefits you do. That is – medicine ordering discounts, discounted health check-ups, doctor teleconsultations, access to Onsurity’s exclusive webinars and so much more.  

Another great advantage of Onsurity Plus is that our plans also come with complimentary health insurance, provided by our insurance partner. Please note that Onsurity is simply an administrator, our insurance partner is the final authority for all your claims.  

By adding your family to your plan, you can extend health insurance benefits to them as well, for the same Sum Assured that you are on. For example, if your employer has you on the Opal plan, the sum insured for you and any family members you add will be ₹2 lakh. Please remember that the sum insured will be for each member individually as every member gets their own individual membership. 

If you want, you can choose to upgrade your plan to get even more discounts and a higher sum insured. With Onsurity Plus, we give you the flexibility to pick and choose the plan you need.  

Adding family with Onsurity Plus

Who Can I Add to Onsurity Plus? And How? 

Onsurity Plus allows you to add your children, siblings, spouse, parents and in-laws to your plan. There are some terms and conditions though. The maximum entry age for Parents and In-laws is 65 years, and 35 years for siblings. As long as your family is below this threshold, they can all be part of the Onsurity family.  

The cost of membership for each person will depend on their age. We won’t leave you in the dark, you will clearly see what it costs per month to add each family well before having to pay. That’s because we at Onsurity believe in transparency.  

To extend your employee healthcare benefits to your family, open the Onsurity mobile app. On the home screen, you should see a section that says ‘Member/Family Details’. Tapping that will open up a new screen with an option to Buy for Family Members. The next screen will show you the plan on top. Below this, you will see an option to select family members. 

All you need to do is tap on the member you want to add and confirm their age range. As you do, you will see the price per month displayed right alongside. You can see Onsurity is a cheaper option than the other healthcare plans out there. 

The next step is to confirm and pay for your plan. Once you have made the payment, don’t forget to fill in the details of your family.  We need their full names, gender, and date of birth to activate their plan. It is that simple. In less than two minutes, your family has access to all the great benefits of Onsurity Plus.  

Onsurity is the smarter way to care for your family’s health. Unlike other plans, we have a complete preventive care solution that gives you truly useful benefits. Our employee healthcare plans are also designed to be as economical as possible. That is because we believe healthcare is a right everyone should have access to. 

Head to the Onsurity app now to add your family members. If you aren’t a member of the Onsurity family, don’t delay! Get the best employee healthcare benefits for your team today. It only takes two minutes to sign up on from our website.  

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Onsurity Edge Credits Program for Startups is here to revolutionize the employee healthcare space