Why Do Employers Need to Extend Gig-workers or Part Time Employee Benefits?

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Are part time employee benefits important? Well, the pace of technological growth has transformed the regular employer-employee relationship. Companies no longer hire only full-time workers but also have part-time workers or gig workers, as they are also called. The role of part-time workers in companies is flexible and need-based. This means they are provided employment only when there is work beyond the normal range or a skill-deficit within the organizations. 

Unlike the regular workforce, part-time workers are currently not provided with employment benefits that come with the designation. That being said, things are gradually changing, and companies are seriously considering extending employment benefits for this segment of the workforce as well.  

This blog attempts to interest readers about why gig workers should be offered benefits as regular employees. Before we go any further, let’s understand the definition of a gig economy and a gig worker. 

What is Gig Economy and Who are Gig Workers?

A gig economy, by definition, is made by a collection of temporary workers who are hired by companies for fulfilling temporary “gigs” or jobs. In a gig economy, the gig worker works under a temporary arrangement wherein their utility in the company is purely based on the availability of work. And, in most cases, they are hired due to the fluctuating supply of work within the company.  

In addition, the gig worker does not utilize the amenities of the organization nor they are located within the premises of the organization. Most often, they connect with the employer over the internet or over specific online platforms to receive and deliver work in a timely manner.  There are two types of gig workers, namely self-employed professionals or independent contractors. And indeed, there are exclusive benefits of gig workers that are unmatched compared to regular employment.  

Upcoming and newly established start-ups are more inclined to employ such workers to avoid hiring permanent workers to save on costs and the legalities involved. That being said, even companies have slowly started paying attention to the benefits of part-time workers to employers. Companies slowly realize that they can quickly scale up with flexibility by employing part-timers. Besides, it has reached a stage where a raging debate is going on between  gig economy vs. traditional employment. 

Why do organizations need to provide part time employee benefits?

Now that we understand the idea behind the gig economy and the gig worker, the question is should part-time employees get benefits? The answer is, absolutely yes!

Part Time Employee Benefits

Let’s focus more on why companies need to provide part time employee benefits and why relief for gig workers is important

Improves Motivation Levels

Companies that extend benefits to part-time workers do a world of good to their motivation. Such workers are likely to be highly engaged with their work and are likely to deliver high-quality work beyond the expected guidelines. Moreover, when such companies call back part-timers in the future for an immediate requirement, they are more likely to oblige without any hesitance. Motivating employees is one of an important ways of assistance for gig workers. 

Enhances Company Reputation

Every company seeks to be known as a good employer. But very few companies make it to the list. One of the best ways to spread the positive word about your company is by treating part-time workers with dignity. In other words, if a company begins extending their gig workers with benefits, word-of-mouth will ensure that the company receives tremendous goodwill not only from gig workers but from a wider audience. 

Retain Workers for the Long-Term

More often, companies find it challenging to prolong their association with the part-time worker in the absence of relevant work. This means that as soon as the project gets over, the gig worker departs from the company’s view. Such a situation can be mitigated when benefits get extended to gig workers. Even in the absence of work, the worker will be willing to keep the conversation going and quickly be deployed once a project comes into the picture. This can save the company many resources and time searching for a new part-time worker as a replacement. 

Lean, Agile, and Nimble Company

Today, the company’s sustenance is more or less determined by how well it can pivot given the circumstances. In an unpredictable economy, the best companies are the ones that are agile, lean, and nimble. There would be a core set of workers on full-time roles and an entire set of part-timers fulfilling peripheral roles in such companies. Because part-timers play an integral part, the very existence of such companies depends on treating their gig workers well by providing benefits to part time employees. These companies remain at the forefront of offering services to their part-time workers.    

Take the Message

As mentioned earlier, technology has played a vital role in the transformation of companies in hiring temporary workers. According to observers, this is not a fad or trend that will culminate any time soon. If credible sources are believed, companies of the future are likely to be very different from ones we have seen till now. There is going to lay more emphasis on utilizing the best available freelance talent on a project-by-project basis. Besides this, established companies will have a quota of temporary workers on standby who will be employed when the need arises. As things stand today, companies do not have an option except to extend benefits to their part-time workforce. 

Providing Onsurity’s Healthcare Plan is the best way to give organizational benefits to Gig Workers

A gig worker might have a lot of questions in his mind. Are part-time employees entitled to benefits? Do part-time employees get insurance? Well, a responsible employer would definitely consider providing not only insurance but overall healthcare benefits to his team members including gig workers as well. After all, they play an important role in building an organization till the time they work. So, they deserve the best healthcare too. 

Healthcare investment is one such investment that employers would not regret at any cost—offering healthcare solutions with the latest healthcare technology with multiple benefits along with group health insurance for team members. Onsurity endeavors for healthy business with healthy employees via comprehensive healthcare plans to which you can subscribe today by clicking on the button below. 

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