Top 5 Reasons Why Preventive Health Check-Up is Vital for Women

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Preventive Health Check-Up is very important as you can never be 100% certain about anything in life, especially your health. That’s why preventive health check-ups exist. As a regular part of your health routine, these check-ups are a good way to spot medical conditions well before they become fatal. 

Between juggling responsibilities at home and making it big in the corporate world, it’s easier for women to ignore their health. That has serious long-term consequences. First Post published a story about women being more prone to autoimmune diseases like Type 1 diabetes, Graves’ disease and multiple sclerosis. A MedCrave research article also stated, “Profound studies reported that women are sicklier and more disabled than men throughout the life cycle.” 

Of course, in a country like India, women face even more challenges. The National Health Portal of India website says “Women in India face issues like malnutrition, lack of maternal health, diseases like AIDS, breast cancer, domestic violence and many more.” A huge reason for this is cultural constraints and economic disparities, especially in rural India where access to quality healthcare still remains a challenge.  

That’s why women need to take preventive health check-ups more seriously. Apart from identifying serious medical conditions, these check-ups are a good way to ensure you cut down on your medical costs in the long term. These checkups will also allow you to make meaningful changes to your lifestyle. They are also a good way to familiarize yourself with the latest medical technologies.                                               

Age Group   Frequency of Preventive Health Check-Ups
Under 30 years  Once in every 2 years 
Between 30-50 years  Once every year 
Over 50 years  Once every 6 months 
Importance of Preventive Health Check-Up for Women

5 Essential Preventive Health Check-Up  

When you do go for your preventive health check-ups, ensure that you get these 5 essential checkups done. These tests are vital since they directly link to health issues seen more in women due to their biology.  

  • Bone Health Test: Women suffer from low bone density (osteopenia) as they age due to calcium and protein deficiency. A regular DEXA scan will help you build an appropriate mineral and calcium-rich diet. 

  • Cancer Screening: Pelvic examination and pap smear tests should be a regular part of your check-ups, to identify cervical cancer. For those below 40, a self-examination should suffice to identify breast cancer, but it is also recommended you get a mammography with your check-up. If you are above 40, mammography is a must to identify breast cancer early. 

  • Deficiency Tests:  Vitamin D deficiency is particularly high in pregnant women, which can lead to long-term effects like depression, fatigue and polycystic ovary syndrome. Ensure you do the 25-hydroxyvitamin D blood test to measure your Vitamin D levels and get the required treatment. Due to your menstrual cycle, you are also likely to suffer from Vitamin B12 deficiency (anaemia), so check your levels regularly for that as well. 

  • Lipid Profile: After around 50, women see a spike in cholesterol levels. That can lead to heart attacks, stroke and diabetes. A lipid profile test will help keep you informed of your cholesterol levels so that you can take appropriate action.  

  • Thyroid Profile: Thyroid problems can lead to miscarriage and subfertility, it is also known to cause issues with menopause. To avoid those complications, you must do a thyroid profile test and take medication if required. 

Role of Corporates in Preventive Health Check-Up

While it is true that each person is responsible for their own health, that does not mean corporates should not get involved. On the contrary, due to long working hours and increased stress levels, companies have a huge role to play in the well-being of their employees. Without robust health and wellness programs, employees will not focus enough on their health, which has disastrous consequences for not just the individual, but also the company. 

To avoid that, you need to ensure your team is as healthy as they can be. That means not just providing them with insurance, but a comprehensive healthcare plan that covers preventive care as well. That way your employees can access the healthcare benefits they need to ensure that they are as healthy as possible, including preventive health check-up. 

As an SME or start-up, you may feel like you do not have access to the same level of quality wellness programs. That’s why Onsurity has introduced Team Sure by Onsurity, a monthly employee healthcare benefits plan. We have a wide variety of services from teleconsultations to online medicine ordering and even booking your preventive health check-up. 

We have made employee healthcare plans easy to sign up for, manage and use along with a host of great features. TeamSure by Onsurity is the smarter choice for your business. So head to our website and get your team the healthcare they deserve.  

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