How do you redefine your health with the new work from home model?

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The debate is widespread and there is no single answer. A majority of the world’s population has adopted work from home over the last few months. Many employees have been thrilled with this transition as it has given them a chance to spend time with their family, pursue their hobbies and upskill. For some however, the lifestyle has taken a turn for the worse, making their lives more sedentary, leading to health problems. 

According to the Gartner report, 67% of workforce are digitally inclined, which means our workforce is probably doing a better job than ever before. The statistics is overwhelming; However, it is time to ensure a work-life balance to enhance team performance over time. In order to do that prioritize self-health care with the tips mentioned below.

Healthy Eating 

With the current #wfh framework due to the pandemic, eating habits for many has changed. Ordering in is risky due to contact with delivery personnel and this reduces choice with food. Conscious efforts to disinfect food packages have lead many people to refrain from outside eating altogether.  However, it is time to be positive with our limited choices of food and ensure we follow a balanced diet.   

Here are some tips to start off with healthy eating: 

  • Keep some yummy, healthy snacks within your work desk radius  
  • Plan your meal as per your grocery list – dual goals achieved  
  • Choose foods that are highly nutritional not by label but by quality 
  • Eat while you’re hungry and not while you’re stressed 
  • Don’t skip meals and never miss out on breakfast!

It could be tedious to plan every meal ahead, but planned healthy eating will control unnecessary cravings and eating disorders. 

Practice Digital Screen Detox on priority   

Let’s address the fact, that irrespective of the pandemic most of our medium of connectivity is associated with one digital device to another. Earlier digital detox was more of a trend to take time away from our addiction, but now, it is more of a priority. In the current scenario, apart from our constant need for screen time, most of our daily activities happen on our phones – health tracking, news, music, recipes, etc. We are being reinforced to be stuck to digital mediums continuously!  

The main step here is to disconnect from digital mediums and reconnect with our surroundings:

  • Enjoy your meal and not the social media post 
  • Try to minimize the usage of the mobile phone during weekends and devote time for self-care 
  • Allow your phone to breathe by recharging it 

We understand that it is a dilemma to not be dependent on digital media. Try to parallelly consider valuing yourself by thinking about the things you can do without the digital devices. 

Work from Home and Physical Activity

Working from home has its perks – lessers hours spent in traffic, savings on fuel and times, etc. are the positive effects of this new model. However, with people hardly ever stepping out of their homes, the reduction in physical activity is drastic and shocking.  

Try leveraging the workout time that you previously allotted for commuting to your workplace. This way you can effectively manage your workout schedule without compromising on work hours. In order to be more proactive at work, we should include workouts in our schedule as a priority. Physical activity helps you normalize your stress levels and increase productivity.  

Below are types of workouts you can kick off with 

  • Stretching: It’s always good to give importance to flexibility by stretching your muscles. It relieves tension from the mind and body.
  • Yoga: It’s all about the balance – try to include postures, meditation, breathing, and sun salutation to get more insights on postures visit – Yogarue 
  • General workouts: the above exercises would have given you the necessary motivation to create your fitness goal, Hence according to your goal try to find out the exercises that benefit you: Eg: Cardio workout at home.

The above workouts prescribed don’t require any equipment. The goal is to get results that you want with moderate routines and consistency.

Wergonomics: Workplace + Ergonomics 

With the “work from home” model, it is easier to influence the art of designing your dedicated workplace at home to increase productivity. Ergonomics is all about personalizing your dedicated workspace with measures taken to assure good posture, better accessibility for great performance and a safe workspace essay writer for free to avoid muscle cramps and back pain. 

Here are few techniques to start off with: 

  • Ensure you digital screen is levelled to your posture, so that your eyes are in-line with top of the screen 
  • Ensure your spine is not curved by arranging pillows to support your lower back  
  • Keep things that you often need at an easy reach to prevent neck and shoulder issues 

Spare a few minutes to adjust the workspace for better productivity and protect yourself from strain and pain.  

It is important to hustle hard at work through your will and ability. Hence, here are some further tips to be efficient while working from home: 

Tips for better ways to work from home

We at Onsurity, hope the above insights help you achieve greater success when working from home and help you to transform your workspace at home, into the ideal work area. 

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