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Today is World Entrepreneurs Day and we at Onsurity decided to reach out to some of the leading entrepreneurs of today to share their stories with the world. They all had different experiences to share, different beliefs that they stand by and a different approach towards their business. However, there were certain things they unanimously supported as key elements in the growth of an entrepreneur.

World Entrepreneurs Day

Here’s what they shared with us.

Shradha Sharma – Founder and Chief Editor, YourStory

Shradha Sharma YourStory

“But live it all, experience it all, because only then will you build something that is uniquely you.”

Will it be hard? Oh, yes, it will. It’ll be tough, lonely and painful.
There will be more dark days than bright ones. There will be a constant judgement on everything you do and no dearth of those waiting to write you off or predict your imminent downfall. There will be many sceptics, naysayers, critics and bystanders on the way, scrutinising your every move. You will cry many times. And even when you do that, you will be called “emotional” and not tough enough to build a business.

But live it all, experience it all because only then will you build something that is uniquely you. Only then will you find your very own true inner joy and peace that will be unshakeable. Only then will you be able to mute out the unwanted noise. Only then will you create something that will resonate with all those who matter. And then you would have loved it all… and developed an illuminating heart muscle and, most likely, a sense of humour too. It will definitely be worth it.

Anand Jain – Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Clevertap

Anand Jain Clevertap

The work culture we’ve built at Clevertap revolves around putting our people first. “

A strong culture that permeates the fabric of an organization can give you moat like capabilities. I believe cultural alignment is non-negotiable when hiring and we follow the same principle to a tee. The work culture we’ve built at Clevertap revolves around putting our people first.

Lizzie Chapman – Co-Founder and CEO, Zestmoney

Lizzie Chapman Zestmoney

“Our work culture incentivizes pro-activeness and leadership, as well as collaboration and transparency.”

The work culture we’ve managed to build at ZestMoney remains a matter of great pride. We reward successes, encourage learning from our failures and have no limits on where great ideas can come from. The result of that culture is that an extraordinarily diverse group of individuals delivers excellence collectively and consistently, whether it’s from our offices or from our homes. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is greatly responsible for how we’ve managed to navigate the intricacies of the last few months.

Anand Sinha – Co-Founder at the leap.io

Anand Sinha leap.io

“A failure is only a failure if we accept defeat.”

Success and failures will always be part of everything we do. We can work hard and try to shape the future but cannot predict the outcomes. But the most important point to remember is – what happens is far less important than what we decide to do about it. A failure is only a failure if we accept defeat.

Ragini Das – Co-Founder at the leap.io

Ragini Das leap.io

“You are not a woman founder. You are a FOUNDER.”

You are not a woman founder. You are a founder. Same rules apply. Work hard. Believe you can change the world. Show up. Make it happen.

Nikhil Sikri – CEO and Co-founder at Zolo

Nikhil Sikri Zolo

“Best products are not what we feel the world needs but the ones that world really needs”

Don’t get married to the idea. It’s very common for first-time entrepreneurs to get attached to the idea so much that they forget to listen to the customer and iterate. I myself have made this mistake and a lot of entrepreneurs I know have done so as well.

Naman Sarawagi – Founder at Refrens.com

Naman Sarawagi Refrens.com

“Pick people carefully and then do whatever it takes to keep them together.”

As your company grows the only way you sleep peacefully is by having a dependable team. This includes competent members who collaborate without qualms and believe in a common vision. This is the only true asset you build. Every member you add compounds with exponential returns over the years.

Mayank Bidwatka – Co-Founder, Koo App

Mayank Bidwatka Koo App

“If you fear losing what you have, you’ll never be able to do your life’s best work!”

Always be fearless. If you fear losing what you have, you’ll never be able to do your life’s best work! Don’t worry about outcomes. That’s almost always out of your control. Put all your heart and energy in the joy of creation.

Amit Lakhotia – Founder at Park+

Amit Lakhotia Park+

“It is important to keep moving and scoring small wins in the journey with eyes completely fixed on the larger goal.”

I have been part of senior leadership teams at MakeMyTrip, Paytm and Tokopedia. Joined all three at an early stage and saw them become multi-billion dollar businesses over the duration of my stints there. Startup growth is a story of perseverance, grit, self-motivation and an unwavering focus on building a superior product and consumer experience. The ability to move at a certain pace, taking decisions with limited data points and getting stellar talent to accompany you in the journey would be key factors in determining success for your startup. 

Naveen Goyal – CEO at Adda52

Naveen Goyal Adda52

“With the mushrooming of opportunities in the market, staying focused can be an uphill battle.”

Your mind might wander but it’s important to consciously keep pulling yourself back to your passion, reminding yourself of why you started your venture in the first place. Entrepreneurs often struggle with loneliness and stagnation. It helps to have a co-founder, who shares the same goals and passion and complements your skills.

Their words inspire, their actions motivate and their beliefs help us realize the potential of our own dreams. Onsurity proudly stands with these leaders to support the dream of a better India with happier teams and ever-growing companies. Our own founders, Yogesh Agarwal and Kulin Shah have worked towards creating a culture that thrives on growth, learning and sharing experiences and joy. The family that we have built together at Onsurity, is truly one that cares about and supports the sole vision of the company.

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