Is Strength Training for Women Good Enough? Does it Make Women Look Bulky Like Men?

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Being a woman, if you are a beginner at your fitness level and thinking of starting to hit the gym, workout and eat healthy, one thing that you might be skeptical of is lifting those weights at the gym, wondering if strength training for women is appropriate or not or if you’d end up looking like those bulky men who we all usually come across at the gym doing some heavy strength training.

So, here is the question

Does strength training really make women look less feminine?

The answer is NO. That is because, women don’t have the necessary hormone production like men to produce and maintain large amounts of muscle mass. If you see female bodybuilders having large and bulky muscles, they actually do this by using anabolic steroids and other substances that stimulate their muscle mass.

The fact is strength training for women is very beneficial and there are multiple reasons behind the same. Here is why every woman should not fear strength training and does not have to think twice before lifting weights at the gym.

Benefits of Strength Training for Women

How good is Strength Training for Women? 

  • Weight Loss/Maintaining a Healthy Weight: Cardiovascular exercises like running, jogging, cycling are all good for our health and heart indeed, but lifting those weights or even using your own bodyweight to increase your strength will help you lose the stubborn weight even better as while performing strength training we are damaging and exhausting our muscles and they need recovery while we are on the rest mode. So, our body tends to burn more calories at rest to recover our muscles, aiding weight loss. Even if we gain a little weight with strength training, it is the weight of our muscle mass, which is healthy for us. Strength training will probably end up making women look lean and toned which is similar to an athletic body.
  • Increase in bone density and good for joints: Another benefit of strength training for women is making their bones stronger and the joints movement better. Women start experiencing weaker bones after menopause. Strength training can definitely help prevent that.
  • Rejuvenation of body cells: Strength training enhances the hormone production in the body which can help our body cells function better, recover better and does not let it age very quickly.
  • Builds confidence and power: Strength training for women does not only help them change their body shape or maintain a healthy weight but also gives them a confidence of feeling physically stronger and feel more powerful. In some cases it might transform their mental state from being fearful to fearless.
  • Maintains Mental Health: Strength training helps women release happy hormones post workout, as it helps them feel stronger, blesses them with a desired body type, boosts their immunity. It also prevents aging and de-stresses them which reduces the chances of anxiety, mood swings and depression.
  • Prevents Lifestyle Disorders/Diseases: As strength training helps burn fat faster, it can help prevent lifestyle disorders which especially happen due to obesity with a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle like PCOS, thyroid, heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis. Many women suffer from such issues frequently these days due to a lack of awareness. After all, prevention is better than cure. If you have a healthy lifestyle combined with strength training today, you will not have to see a doctor very often in the future.

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