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As per the Ministry of Home Affairs circular dated 15th April 2020, it is now mandatory for all companies to offer health insurance for their employees. To be compliant with the mandate, most companies have turned to employee wellness programs like a TeamSure by Onsurity membership. Such plans offer subscription-based models that are extremely affordable and include all-round healthcare without eating into a company’s working capital.  

These health and wellness plans are thus a great option for SMEs. Not only do employers save money, but their employees also get a range of features and benefits. With SME’s contributing 45% to India’s GDP, it is thus vital that SME employees get proper attention towards their healthcare.

If such SMEs opt for group insurance plans, they come with yearly premiums that are extremely expensive to a business. It becomes difficult to manage operationally when adding/removing employees and checking advanced premium balance with insurance companies and their related adjustments. Also, most group health insurance plans for startups are limited to hospitalization expenses and do not offer a solution for the ever-increasing cost of healthcare aspects like medicines and consultations, making it difficult to attract potential employees. 

That’s not how employer healthcare benefits for small businesses should be. To plug those gaps, Onsurity has designed a plan that offers great employee healthcare benefits for startups. No matter how big or small your team, we provide healthcare to all (with a minimum requirement of 3 employees). Our plan –TeamSure by Onsurity is adaptable to your company’s needs. Here’s a look at what makes TeamSure a great option for your company.  

the benefits of TeamSure by Onsurity

TeamSure Benefits for Employers 

Digital Dashboard Management: TeamSure by Onsurity is digital-first. That means employers have access to fully digitized onboarding and invoicing. Our simple and user-friendly dashboard allows you to assign roles and responsibilities, check an employee’s membership details, and analyze your monthly bills.  

Everyone is Included: We don’t just include full-time employees. TeamSure by Onsurity also extends healthcare to part-time, freelancers, contractors, and consultants. Employees also get the option to add their families including their spouse, children, siblings parents, and in-laws, so everyone is truly included. 

Flexibility: With a monthly subscription like Netflix, Onsurity TeamSure is flexible and adaptable to your needs. You can add and deduct employees with ease or upgrade them to higher plans. The subscription model also means it doesn’t eat into your working capital. So, you save money for other critical parts of your business. That’s how employee health plans for small businesses should be. 

Better Productivity: Thanks to our partner insurer, our employee healthcare plans come with complimentary group health insurance for startups. We also offer a wider range of healthcare benefits for better employee productivity. As an additional feature, to keep employees fitter, our exclusive Onsurity app also has a fitness tracker and a gamified rewards system. Now that’s putting the care in healthcare.  

Onsurity TeamSure Employee Benefits 

Low Cost: With low monthly subscriptions, the employee has access to the best healthcare services for themselves and their families. Employees have to pay a lot lesser for their medicine orders, health check-ups, doctor teleconsultations when booking on the app. Our plans offer both preventive and reactive care solutions to members ensuring a long-term, healthy relationship with our platform.

One App For Everything: Thanks to the user-friendly Onsurity app, employees can easily manage their plan in a single place. From viewing their e-health card to getting assistance with hospitalization and upgrading their plan or adding family members, it can all be done from a single place. The app includes all features of m-health and telehealth with additional discounts and offers.

Add Family: We don’t just include employees, our plans extend healthcare benefits to family as as well. Based on the plan opted for by the member, they can choose to add their family to the same plan, or an upgraded version of the plan with more benefits. Onsurity’s membership plan allows members to include spouses, children (up to 25 years), parents, in-laws and siblings as well. 

Good Doctor Team: Our experienced Good Doctor Team is available on call for any hospitalization related assistance and counselling. We know the long waiting hours and never-ending paperwork can be overwhelming. With the help of our team – members can be rest assured their hospital processes will be looked into with support at every step of the way.

The Onsurity App is your single destination for all your healthcare needs

Onsurity’s TeamSure membership comes with a number of plan variants, each with its own unique benefits. The higher your plan, the more benefits you can access. From unlimited fitness rewards to medicine order discounts, there’s a lot for our members to take advantage of. 

That is because we at Onsurity have a vision. We want to provide affordable holistic healthcare benefits for employees of start-ups and SMEs. We believe digital healthcare management is the future, and want to help everyone transition there faster.  

Disclaimer – Good Doctors team:

Good Doctors team provides an assistance service for smooth hospitalisation and settlement of claims, post sale of the product/ service. Please note that this service or offering is not in the nature of any kind of insurance consultancy, claims consultancy, or any other insurance-related services.

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