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As per the Ministry of Home Affairs circular dated 15th April 2020, it is now mandatory for all companies to offer health insurance for their employees.

Compliance with this mandate has nudged companies, especially growing ones, to turn towards affordable, efficient, and high-quality employee wellness programs like Onsurity’s healthcare membership. Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) are constantly on the lookout for the most suitable wellness plans for them. Flexibility, affordability, and accessibility are all very important factors for such companies.

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Unique Health and Wellness needs of SMEs 

If you are part of a growing organisation, you know about the hurdles and hassles that need to be tackled at this stage. While you strive to build your company up to reach great heights, we want to ensure that your people are covered. At the same time, we understand that trivial hassles like claim settlement issues, document requirements and general escalations need to be cleared away for you.

Our aim is to protect your most important assets with customisable health and wellness offerings. What that means is- complete transparency and control is handed over to you. You will never need to pick up the phone to handle situations that eat into your core bandwidth.

Health and wellness plans on a monthly membership basis are thus a great option for SMEs. Not only do employers save money, but their employees also get a wide range of benefits and extensive coverage. With SME’s contributing 45% to India’s GDP, it is vital that employees pay adequate attention towards their healthcare. Moreover, convenience and connectivity are very important factors for employers, and we never waver from focusing on that.

Teamsure Dashboard – Flexibility and Convenience for Employers 

The TeamSure Dashboard is our in-house proprietary tool that we built with the aim of cutting the middleman (us) out of the picture and giving you (the employer) full control over your team’s health insurance. If you are partnered with us for your company’s Group Health Insurance, you gain exclusive access to this tool and all its features and perks!

Here’s what you can control with TeamSure

  • Addition and Removal of members
  • Bills tracking
  • Claims tracking
  • Health Card download
  • Bill estimates
  • Invoice download

Why end it there though? We didn’t just stop at convenience; we took it a step further. The TeamSure dashboard enables helpful tools and features that can help your company!

Fruitful Integrations and Helpful Features 

Going beyond transparency, control and ease – a key offering of the TeamSure tool is the complete integration with your HRMS. You can connect your HRMS tool (e.g.- Keka, Darwin Box, etc.) with TeamSure and automate the whole process of adding or removing members. This feature will sync with your HRMS and update the data in real-time. Once this is done, manual efforts will be reduced even more, and your health and wellness plan will run like a well-oiled machine.

Another key offering of TeamSure is the Users and Roles feature, wherein you can add any member of your team as an admin. You can even define their access and the scope of control they should have since you would be the owner of the tool. This can help you in further distributing the responsibility to whomever you deem fit, and however much you deem fit.

Your growing organisation may have other requirements like smoother operations, an efficient salary account, seamless onboarding processes, etc. Our partners offer you exclusive discounts on their services in the App Hub section! Enjoy huge savings on services and integrations that could be critical to the efficient growth of your organisation and its ethos.

All in all, we at Onsurity are proud of our TeamSure dashboard and all the convenience it offers our customers. We are eager to extend this convenience to you and your team as well! If you’ve bought Onsurity’s healthcare membership for your team, please feel free to reach out and book a walkthrough of this dashboard. We would be glad to show you exactly how Teamsure is redefining employee benefits management.

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