Universal Healthcare Coverage Day: How Onsurity is Making Healthcare More Accessible and Affordable in India

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India has the second highest population in the world, while it is among the nations with the lowest healthcare insurance penetration. It is a mere 14% in rural and 18% in urban areas. Even more appalling is that 7% of the population is pushed below the poverty line due to medical costs every year.  

On this Universal Healthcare Coverage Day, Onsurity urges you to pledge healthcare and wellness for your employees. United Nations resolved to call out all nations to provide affordable and quality healthcare to their citizens. Given our sedentary lifestyles, the focus on healthcare has become a necessity. Post Covid-19, the need for and awareness of complete wellness has accelerated. The Indian government aims to expand its expenditure on health services to 2.5% of the GDP by 2025. However, as employers, it is your moral responsibility to make quality healthcare and wellness accessible to your team members. 

5 Reasons Why Your Business Must Offer Employee Healthcare Benefits

1. Improve Employee Satisfaction 

Healthcare benefits are among the top 3 reasons that increase employee satisfaction, as per a Glassdoor report. A satisfied employee means improved quality and productivity of work.

2. Reduce Absenteeism 

Individuals with healthcare coverage are more likely to opt for preventive healthcare measures to reduce their possibility of falling sick. Additionally, a facility that extends to family members ensures fewer sick leaves annually. 

3. Improve Employee Retention 

Reportedly, 90% of employees stay at the workplace when their well-being needs are met. Additionally, it works as a great employee benefit in the recruitment process. 

4. Get Tax Benefits 

The Indian government has provisioned tax rebates for companies that offer healthcare benefits to their employees. 

5. Exposure to Better Services 

The network of corporate insurance providers is larger than those of individual ones. Opting for group healthcare solutions empowers your employees to have access to a wide range of doctors and hospitals. 

On top of all the above benefits, it is quick and easy to associate with Onsurity – your comprehensive wellness and healthcare partner. 

Onsurity – The One-Stop Solution for All Healthcare and Wellness Needs 

Onsurity’s goal is to enable all small businesses, SMEs, and independent workers to provide complete healthcare solutions to their teams. Our services start for teams as small as three members and at prices as low as ₹49 per month. Get a 360-degree solution for all health and wellness needs for yourself and your team. 

Free Doctor Tele Consultations  

You and your employees can schedule directly from the mobile app. Onsurity has a good team of doctors who you can consult online for your health queries or discuss your symptoms. Consult with specialists, like gynaecologists, pathologists, dieticians, etc. 

Free Credits Worth ₹25,000 

Onsurity’s credits program for start-ups is rated among the top products that will revolutionize the healthcare space by offering 25,000 free credits.

Maternity Assistance 

Maternity benefits for your team members or their family members. Look for medical advice, consultation, diet advice, and mood enhancement content over the application. 

Claim Processing Support 

Hospitalisation and critical illness can be emotionally and mentally draining, and the insurance claim process can take days or even months. We provide you with claim assistance included in the membership, as Teamsurity is always ready to help you get your claims registered and take the process further to complete the claims processing. 

Monthly Subscription Plans 

The facility of monthly payments helps you to add, remove or update your employee benefits whenever required. 

Include all Your Employees 

You can include team members on your payroll, off the payroll, freelancers, contractual employees, and their family members.  

Access to Trusted Content In-app Search 

Did you know that 5% of all Google searches are related to healthcare? But all information you get there is not reliable. Onsurity facilitates  symptom-based searches and presents information from trusted doctors to keep your employees’ worries at bay. 

Automated Subscription Renewal 

Auto-payment via the application. No more setting reminders and getting please renew your subscription calls. Link your corporate account with your bank account once and leave the rest to secure digitally scheduled payments. 

Single Application to Place All Kinds of Orders 

Order medicines and health supplements, place diagnostic requests and schedule medical appointments from a single application at discounted prices. 

Bespoke Plans 

Easy program management and customisations. You can manage the program and choose the benefits as fit for your team. Additionally, including more services and adding new team members is convenient as your team size and business grow.  

Unmatched Customer Care 

Experience top-notch customer care with Onsurity’s support team, lauded by more than 3,500 company representatives it has partnered with.

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