With 3 Pillars, Here’s How Onsurity Plans to Stay Ahead in the Digital Healthcare Sector

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A thriving start-up scene, rise in internet adoption and the COVID-19 pandemic have made digital healthcare a critical sector in India. The health industry is a vital part of India’s economy. A 2016 PWC report found that medical tourism would rise from $2.8 billion in 2015 to $38.4 billion by 2025. 

Transitioning from traditional healthcare to a digital-first approach, many companies are transforming the sector to become more efficient, lean and affordable. One such company is Onsurity Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Our small but dedicated team has a clear view on how to digitise healthcare and make it accessible for everyone. 

From insurance (thanks to our partners ICICI), to telemedicine and even fitness, Onsurity is taking the lead in providing a comprehensive digital healthcare plan for SME’s and start-ups. Our tech-driven approach is designed to be affordable, universal and scalable.  

To do so, we have devised three key pillars. These pillars will ensure we stay ahead of the industry, providing health benefits to those who need it most – our thriving start-ups and SMEs. Here’s a look at our three pillars. 

Digital Healthcare at Onsurity is guided by three pillars

App-based Customer Engagement 

People are increasingly demanding more control over their health data, and an accessible way to view it. Those aren’t mutually exclusive. Onsurity’s smartphone app does all this and much more. The app provides a centralized and personalized digital healthcare platform for employees’ health and wellness needs. 

It is the primary engagement tool we use. Available for both Android and iOS, the app provides simplified end-to-end service for all your health needs. With easy registration, online medicine ordering, health check-ups fitness tracking and access to various other healthcare services, it is all you need. The app empowers you to take control of your health with instant and quality service.  

Unified Portal for Digital Healthcare

In the past, you would need multiple apps to book consultations, order medicines, and view your fitness data. With Onsurity’s digital healthcare platform, that’s no longer the case. We have integrated various healthcare services into one easy-to-use platform.  

Thanks to our partner, you can view your e-health card and view our network hospitals. If you need help for hospitalization processes, our friendly Good Doctor Team is only a call or an e-mail away. We wanted to ensure that you have a single platform to access your personal health data, policy information as well as healthcare services to ensure you can make smart health decisions.  

It’s not just employees, we wanted to make digital healthcare management easy for employers as well. For decision makers, we have a unified platform or the employer dashboard that allows you to view and manage your subscription, access invoices and track plan usage by employees. 

Digital Healthcare for Prevention and Well Being 

Why should healthcare be only about treatment? Onsurity believes that prevention and wellbeing are critical to employees’ satisfaction, and a company’s productivity. With that in mind, we’ve created a platform that puts the “care” in healthcare.  

To help boost awareness of prevention, we have fitness rewards that motivate employees to move more, and sleep better. Our partners have also made is easy to book health check-ups, so that your team can get ahead of the problem.  

For everyone here at Onsurity, this is just the beginning. These are the three pillars we will use to build a better, more comprehensive product. Our ultimate goal is to provide quality digital healthcare plans that work for each company. We believe, that through technology it is possible.  

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