How to manage work life balance during pandemic? 

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The COVID-19 Pandemic has hit many sectors drastically, and Work from Home or WFH has emerged as a new work culture among big corporations to energetic start-ups. We second that maintaining a work life balance during pandemic has been mentally and physically exhausting. It is extremely important to take care of work life balance while working from home as equal as maintaining it in the office.  

work life balance during pandemic

To ease work life balance during pandemic, we have collated the top ways to maintain it  

Prepare a task list 

To maintain anything, be it a business, studies, or work-life etc. A  streamlined schedule or a structured plan is one of the best work-life balance strategies for employees and it must be executed in the plan effectively. So, create a structured and scheduled task list of a day for yourself. Ensure that you plan your breathers, working hours, self-care timings, socializing schedule while preparing a task list. 

Stick to the plan

Once you have created a structured task list or plan for a day, ensure that you comply with the work hours, break hours to maintain the structure of your day to promote a good work life balance. If you overlook any section or exceed any work or break slot, you will not follow the routine decided for the day. 

Break the monotonicity

Monotonicity is unhealthy for daily routine. So, include little perks, happy hours, self-care time, me time, or socializing hours for yourself to break the monotonicity. You can cook an enjoyable quick breakfast, play online games with friends and family, or invest your time with pets, plants, painting, singing, and more. 

Create a workspace

You might be thinking about creating a workspace and how it will help manage the work life balance during pandemic. Well, if you will draw a line between the work area and personal space. In that case, you will focus more and complete the work on time and decrease the work pressure and high overtime hours. So, working in a dedicated work area will help you streamline your work hours and leisure hours. 

Set back and relax

It’s okay to take a break or take a pause from your hectic and tedious work schedule. Set back and relax by giving time for yourself, taking proper work leaves, investing time in your hobbies or in things you love to do or have been procrastinating for a longer time.

You can subscribe to Onsurity’s comprehensive healthcare plan and enroll in webinars and online workout sessions available in this plan that offer effective yoga sessions, meditation classes, high intensity exercise sessions, hobby classes, and more to help you maintain work life balance during pandemic Take a pause, join an interesting online activity for yourself with Onsurity, rejuvenate, and heal yourself mentally and physically. As, in the end health is wealth. 

Do not skip meals

Managing home and working together in lockdown isn’t that easy. It seems from long meeting hours, work pressure, and tight project deadlines to cleaning, cooking, and doing household chores. The essential part of the day people tend to miss and often skip timely and balanced meals. Do not ever skip meals in between work or for any reason. Keep your body hydrated and make sure that you intake adequate liquids such as water, juices, milk, or shakes throughout the day. You can start by creating a balanced diet chart and ensure that you include Vitamins, Proteins, fibers, and Carbohydrates rich food such as nuts, fruits, green vegetables, milk products, and pulses. 

Give time for yourself

Usually, you neglect yourself between chasing dreams and managing home. It is imperative to give time to yourself. You deserve me time to do self-pamper and self-care. You can plan soothing spa sessions at home at weekends, spend time grooming yourself from putting a cute nail paint to styling your look for the day, such as trimming or shaping beard or styling hair. It will help you to heal mentally and will bring positivity around you. Giving time to yourself is one of the very effective strategies to achieve work life balance during pandemic that you should never avoid.  

Take out time to socialize

Socializing is an excellent way to ease the high work pressure and stringent project deadlines. So, plan out time to socialize with your family and friends. You can do that by connecting with your parents, siblings in a group call, plan fun activities together virtually, such as online Ludo games, dumb charades via video calls, and more. Try to have meals with your family or spouse during mealtime daily. This is a great step towards balancing work and family 

The Bottom Line 

It is important to create a balance between work and life and not only these are some of the very helpful tips for work-life balance during COVID-19 but also in every situation to retain the energy of employees. So, consider all these ideas to improve work-life balance and set mini targets to boost your energy and break the monotone routines, and go with the flow to keep your spirits high amidst the pandemic. 

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