Benefits of personal accident insurance and health insurance

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Health insurance is a type of insurance cover that lays down the terms and conditions to cover the medical expenses arising due to illness. When you are admitted to a hospital, this insurance cover will help to take the financial burden off your shoulders. This covers not only the medical expenses but also the doctor consultation fees.  

There are many benefits of personal accident insurance and health insurance in general. You can choose the insurance cover at your convenience. In most cases, you will be having a group health insurance provided by your employer if you are working in a corporate world. If not, then you will be having a personal health insurance to cover your medicare needs.

benefits of personal accident insurance

Kinds of Health insurance:

Mediclaim Plans:

Whether it’s about providing insurance cover to an individual or a family, this kind of plan is the best choice. This helps to cover most of the medical treatments. This option is a suitable choice to cover the actual hospitalization expenses. However, there is a certain limit, but it can cover the entire family. 

Critical illness plans:

This is the kind of plan that includes terms and conditions to cover some specific type of diseases. This provides you flexibility in terms of using the money to change lifestyle and medicines.  

Besides this, it even acts as a source to cover the income which you could not receive from work due to illness. This even covers the diagnosis of certain diseases for which medical bills are not required.  

But what are the other reasons to choose health insurance?  

Benefits of health insurance:

  • Suitable for covering medical expenses

The first and foremost benefit of having a health insurance cover is that it helps cover all your medical expenses. This, in turn, can take off the financial burden with its medical claims. Many medical costs, hospitalization expenses, medical charges and ambulance charges are covered by health insurance.  

  • Go cashless with health insurance

Multiple health insurance covers help to provide the cashless insurance claim facility. You do not need to pay any extra charges. Health insurance is an opportunity that helps to settle down the financial claims easily between your insurer and hospital.  

  • Taxation benefits

Health insurance cover comes with tax benefits. You can avail of the tax deductions in the number of premiums paid for claiming the health insurance. These tax deductions come under section 80D of the income tax act,1961. The minimum amount of compensation is Rs.25000. On the other hands, the amount for those above 60 years is Rs50,000. 

  • Pre- and Post-hospitalization expenses: 

Health insurance gives you the benefit to cover the expenses incurred before and after a specific number of days in the hospital. Expenses such as doctor visits, medical reports and x-rays are the ones covered under this policy. 

  • Daycare expenses:

Health insurance has the feature to meet your daycare expenses. These expenses include conditions that require you to stay at the hospital for 24 hours only. The conditions like chemotherapy, cataract, and dialysis are one of them. 

  • Personal accident cover:

Personal accident cover is the kind of insurance policy between the insurer and insured to provide financial compensation. This is to cover the expenses caused by permanent disability, death caused by accident.  

There are many benefits of personal accident insurance such as:

  • Provides family security:

Availing of the personal accident cover will help to protect your family financially. It provides you with family security by covering the expenses arising due to disability and accidents. 100% compensation is provided to the family members on account of the death of someone.  

Such an insurance cover provides peace of mind by paying off the liabilities to maintain the usual lifestyle.  

  • Simple documentation process:

One good thing about the health insurance cover is its simple documentation procedure. So, you don’t need to worry about the paperwork, as there is no paperwork involved in this. There is no stress taking for the same. You just need to fill in the application form by providing your basic details. The insurance company will issue the policy in your name.  

  • No medical tests:

Compared to health insurance, personal accident cover does not involve undergoing any medical test before providing the compensation. So, it is a simple procedure for availing the claims.  

  • Ambulance expenses 

Usually, the insurance companies take on the responsibility to take the injured person to the hospital. Personal accident cover will help you to handle unexpected situations like this. 


So, now you know the benefits of both health care and personal accidents covers, you must ensure to avail it for yourself and your dear ones. These covers take on the great responsibilities to protect you for long and are a solution to uncertain and unexpected situations.  


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