Fighting Breast Cancer Naturally: 3 Tips on Coping with Treatments!

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Breast cancer is no joke. Fighting Breast Cancer Naturally with minimal treatments requires a lot of will, courage and effort. This is why, today, we would like to salute those brave worries fighting this deadly disease. It’s not easy, but hang in there! We are sure you will come outfit and fine. 

Coping with cancer, and its treatments aren’t easy. There are plenty of physical, psychological and social impacts it can have. That’s why we have put together this handy guide. If you are undergoing breast cancer treatment, we have some easy tips on coping better. No matter what stage you are at, we are sure you will find something useful here.  

Mental Wellbeing 

Your mental wellbeing is of utmost importance. Doctors can prescribe medication for physical issues, but mental issues require more proactive efforts. It is important you ensure you are happy as much as possible, as mental wellness has been linked to physical wellbeing.  Keep your spirits up by doing: 

  • Meditation: mindfulness meditation helps you to become more aware of the body, and its sensations. It is also a great way to reduce stress, as meditation slows down the heart rate and calms the body. In case you suddenly feel panicked or stressed due to your breast cancer diagnosis, it’s good to resort to some meditation to calm down. 
  • EFT Tapping: Think of this as a kind of acupuncture, but with fingers instead of needles. This mode of therapy is a great alternative to mediation. It allows you to focus on a single issue, and reduce the physical and emotional pain. It’s a well-known method to treat anxiety, depression and PTSD. 
  • Aromatherapy: This method involves natural plant extracts that are inhaled through the respiratory system and skin. Aromatherapy is known to be a good stress reliever, boost the immune system and helps to treat sleeping issues. It’s a simple, safe method that can be done at home to supplement breast cancer treatment.  

Physical Wellbeing 

Breast cancer may have you exhausted, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your physical health. As much as possible, engage in some of the following activities to keep your physical wellbeing in check: 

  • Breathing: Treatment such as chemotherapy can leave you feeling weak. Before you undertake any exercise, it is important to ensure you are getting optimum oxygen. So undertake a breathing routine such as pranayama. It will help increase oxygen and blood flow, which is critical for exercise. 
  • Yoga: Yoga is a great way to practice physical wellbeing. It helps to release tension and focuses the mind. You don’t have to be very fit, or flexible to do yoga. Practice simple asanas that do not stress your body. Over time, you will gain better control over your breathing, flexibility and physical health. 
  • Walking: Exercise is linked to boosting happiness as well as physical health. It’s a great idea to go take a walk (if possible) every day. It doesn’t have to be fast or too long. Just enough for you to feel relaxed. Exercise is linked with lower mortality in breast cancer. Plus, going out will help your mental health too!  

Diet Matters For Fighting Breast Cancer Naturally

As with any disease, your body requires resources to fight. Ensure you eat right, as it has a direct effect on your treatment. Before you do though, it is wise to consult a nutritionist. As each person’s body is different, there’s no universally accepted diet for breast cancer patients. A nutritionist will help guide you through an ideal diet for you, based on your condition, preferences and restrictions. 

There are, however, some recommended guidelines by the American Cancer Society: 

  • Replace meat with plant-based food 
  • Eat 2-3 cups of fresh fruit and vegetable daily 
  • Cut back on salt, pickled food and smoked food 
  • Consider protein supplements over meat-based proteins 
Fighting Breast Cancer Naturally

We can’t guarantee that all these steps will have you fit as a fiddle, but they will do doubt help! No matter what stage you are at with breast cancer treatment, these steps will help give you the calmness and confidence you need to Fighting Breast Cancer Naturally.

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