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You are in the hospital and have to fill various hospital forms including the form to claim health insurance or get the pre-authorization for cashless treatment. You’ve thought you’ve attached all the necessary documents. However, you find that your cashless treatment is denied. You have no idea why and are now engaged in a long call with your insurance company or TPA desk at the hospital. Has this ever happened to you? If not, you might know someone who has experienced this. That’s where the Good Doctor Team comes in.  

Managed by a team of highly experienced individuals in the field of hospitalization processes and claims support, Good Doctors is here to help you out. As part of your Onsurity Plus membership, you get full access to the team and their words of wisdom. Here’s a look at everything you can expect from them: 

Good Doctor Team assistance before hospitalization 

If you are wondering if a particular treatment is covered by your group health insurance under the Onsurity Plus Membership, you could spend hours reading the fine print. Or, you could just call the Good Doctors Team. We have most of the info on hand, and if we don’t, the Good Doctors Team will get in touch with our insurance partner. That way, we can ensure that you aren’t rejected for a particular treatment which is valid under your Group Health Insurance policy with Onsurity Plus Membership.  

The Good Doctor Team also provides guidance on the nearest network hospitals to you. That way, you can be sure you will be covered ahead of any treatment you wish to take. The Good Doctors Team is the easy way to know everything you should know relating to your health insurance plan and its related network hospital before hospitalization. 

During Hospitalization 

Knowing before the hospitalization that you are covered is great, but what if you have more questions during your hospitalization and its related process?  What if it is an emergency case? You don’t have to worry; Good Doctors can assist. 

During hospitalization the Team helps you understand what all forms you will be required to fill for a smooth process. They shall also help you to understand the out-of pocket expenses you will have to bear which does not form the part under any health insurance related claim, so that there are no sudden surprises.  

During admission, you might be given the option of picking a room. It’s wise to know your room rent eligibility as per your medical plan. That’s another thing the Good Doctors Team can help with. We also do the math for you if you want to upgrade, so you know exactly how much you will be paying. 

In case you are having trouble with the paperwork, we can help you out there as well. Our friendly team will give you a step-by-step guide on submitting a claim. That way, even if you are doing it for the first time, you can do it right.  

Last but most important thing, during discharge at the hospital, you have to wait for a long time at the hospital just for the insurance company to revert to the hospital regarding the final bill to be payable for the non-admissible expenses under the insurance claims. This can take up to a few hours. Instead, the Good Doctor team gets in touch with the insurance partner to provide the approval for discharge in a timely manner.  

After Hospitalization 

Now that you’ve been discharged, it’s common to be anxious about the reimbursement claim process (if cashless treatment was not taken). The Good Doctors Team cannot validate a claim for you, but they can work with the insurance partner to assist you in getting a valid reimbursement claim. We will update you on every step of the way, so you can rest easy.  

Has your claim has been denied? If so, just give us a ring and we will find out exactly why. That way, you are never in the dark. 

Good Doctors Team can help with

Good Doctor Team Answers Other Queries Too!

If you are new to Onsurity, our Good Doctors Team helps your team to understand the benefits and exclusions of the group health insurance policy as part of your Onsurity Plus Membership through webinars. From the basics to the fine details, we’ll tell your team all about it! 

We can also answer any other questions you have regarding the related benefits under the insurance plan. Further, our team also ensures peace of mind to any HR or admin who handles any insurance related claims for their employees by being in constant touch with the member.  

That’s just one of the advantages of your Onsurity Plus membership. No matter what plan you choose, you have constant access to the Good Doctors Team. That, along with access to teleconsultations, medicine delivery and fitness rewards really makes Onsurity Plus a great option for your team. 

If you don’t have one yet, head over to our website. No matter what your team size, Onsurity’s healthcare plans will be right for you. It’s affordable, easy to operate and comes with great benefits.  

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