What is an Insurance Health Card? Here’s How Onsurity Made it Easy to Access

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Your Onsurity Plus membership is a comprehensive employee healthcare plan. That means you get access to a wide range of health benefits, one of which could be health insurance, through our partnered insurance company. To take advantage of your health insurance, you need to have an insurance health card.  

Your digital insurance health card lives right inside your Onsurity app. That means you can easily view and share the card at any time. If you haven’t yet downloaded the Onsurity App, you should do so. The Onsurity application is available for both Android and iOS. Through this blog, we will tell you what a health card is, and how to access yours through the app.   

What is an Insurance Health Card?  

When you get a health insurance plan, you get a health card alongside. Sometimes this is a physical card, like your ATM card. With an Onsurity membership though, you get a fully digital card that can be downloaded as a PDF.  

Think of this card as proof of your health insurance cover with our Insurance Partner. It has all your details recorded with the insurance company – your name, membership ID, card ID, gender and validity date. You need your membership ID  to file a claim or to get cashless treatment.  

The card makes it easier for the hospital’s Third Party Administrator (TPA) desks to verify your health insurance plan, and contact the insurance company. Thus, it is very important to have this card available with you, as you will not be able to claim insurance without it. That’s why your Onsurity membership has a virtual health card that is easily and always accessible.   

Remember you will have to present this card at the TPA desk of the hospital whenever you get hospitalised and claim health insurance. It’s wise to have the Onsurity app downloaded the moment you get your membership. That way, all you have to do is open the app at the hospital. No searching, no confusion!  

Insurance healthcare explained

Finding Your Card  

To access your health card, tap the Policy Details icon under the Insurance section on the home screen. Right at the top, you will see your health card. It will feature the following information:  

  • Member Name  
  • Gender  
  • Valid up to  
  • Employee Member ID  
  • Health Card ID  

By swiping left, you can view the “back” of the card. This has information like directions for using the card. If you want to know the terms and conditions of your health insurance plan under your Onsurity HealthCare membership, we have attached a helpful Policy Summary document just below your card.   

At the top, you will also see an option to download your insurance health card as a PDF, which can then be shared via email, WhatsApp etc. So it is super convenient and easy for you!  

Important Details    

Since your Onsurity membership is a monthly subscription, you lose access to your membership benefits if you or your company unsubscribes from Onsurity. If you leave your organization, you can opt to continue your Onsurity Plus membership using the Onsurity App and get continued access to our wide range of healthcare features.  

Remember to keep checking out our app, you will discover plenty of features. If you aren’t a member yet, then there’s no better time to join us. Onsurity is on a mission to make employee healthcare and benefits plans accessible, affordable, and simple for SMEs and startups. After all, your employees deserve the best, don’t they? 

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