Musculoskeletal System Anatomy – An Ultimate Guide!

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Your body is a complex machine, like a large factory. It is made up of many individual parts and systems. Even if one goes down, the whole factory can suffer. That’s why it is vital you take care of your health. One very vital part you may not know about the musculoskeletal system anatomy.  

This vital system is responsible for providing form, stability and the ability to move. Made up of the muscular and skeletal systems, the musculoskeletal system is often overlooked by many. Doing so has severe consequences. That’s why we want to draw attention to this system through this blog. 

We hope that by the end, you are aware of what this system is, and how you might be damaging it even without knowing. We’ve also got some tips to help you take care of your musculoskeletal system, ensuring you can remain fit and healthy for a long time.  

Musculoskeletal System Anatomy and Conditions 

Do you have frequent neck or back pain or stiffness in your body? These are just some of the many symptoms of musculoskeletal system conditions. The World Health Organization (WHO) says that such conditions “are the leading contributor to disability worldwide, with low back pain being the single leading cause of disability globally.”  

Conditions like spondylitis, tendinitis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are no longer being diagnosed in just the elderly, but people across age groups. As the WHO website notes, “a recent report from the United States of America suggests that one in two adult Americans live with a musculoskeletal condition.”  

That has severe consequences. Musculoskeletal system conditions force people to retire from work early or take part-time only jobs. It affects not just their wellbeing and wealth, but also their families, society and even employers. Employees with such conditions are also less productive.  

The Role of Ergonomics 

If you are an employer or an employee in a knowledge-based industry, you should know that musculoskeletal system conditions are more likely to affect you. That’s because you are more likely to be spending long hours in front of a computer. In such situations, you need to invest in ergonomic design.  

The Free Dictionary defines ergonomics as “the applied science of equipment design for maximised productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.” Such design extends to chairs, desks, office spaces and almost anything else. In fact, you may have already come across it without knowing. Notice how office chairs are much more comfortable than dining chairs? Ergonomics is responsible for that.  

Whether you plan to return to the office or work remotely, make sure you invest in ergonomic furniture. It has immense benefits for the musculoskeletal system. Here’s a blog we wrote about creating the ideal home office.  

To ensure your musculoskeletal system is healthy here’s are some things you need to keep in mind for your office set up.  

musculoskeletal system

Put Your Health First 

Just sitting right won’t help, you need to ensure that your bones and muscles are moving. That means you need to take time out to play a sport, work out at the gym, practice yoga or go for a run. Do whatever works for you but do it regularly. If you have any wellness membership plans, make sure you use them.  

You also need to make sure you eat right. A poor diet can lead to weak bones, which can make such conditions worse. Maintain a balanced diet with ample amounts of dairy products, cabbage, bhindi, soya and nuts. Also ensure you sleep well, if your bed is uncomfortable invest in a good quality mattress and pillow. It can have the same effect as ergonomic office furniture.  

Role of Employers in Musculoskeletal System Health 

Employers too have a critical role to play in understanding the human musculoskeletal system anatomy. Most employees do not put their health first, simply because they cannot afford to. With the high cost of healthcare, added demands of work and the need for social distancing and isolation, employee wellness programs are very important.  

Business health plans help reduce the cost of healthcare and make it more accessible. That way, your employees are more likely to get their health concerns looked at, improving their wellbeing and boosting productivity. That’s why as an employer, you need to make sure your employees have access to comprehensive employee healthcare plans.  

Other steps you can take are by encouraging employees to exercise, helping fund them purchase ergonomic furniture for their homes and providing them with access to health and fitness webinars. 

Good quality employee healthcare benefits come with doctor teleconsultations, discounted health check-ups and medicine delivery, fitness tracking and more. That way, your employees have comprehensive protection.  

If you are wondering where you can access all this, why not check out Onsurity? Onsurity’s healthcare benefits for employees offer all the above benefits and more.  

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