Women’s Equality Day – Their roles, contributions, and future in healthcare

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Over the last few decades, women have been fighting constantly to make a place for themselves in the world. Struggling for their fundamental right to equality, they have instigated changes in industries, trends, and beliefs around the globe. The reforms took some time to take shape, several years in fact. However, with the onset of social platforms, communication forums, and other mediums; Women have been able to take it upon themselves to fight for their rights. We can now see mindsets evolving, women breaking out of their pre-ordained roles, and stepping into the roles of leadership in some of the most challenging fields. They have also made their way into healthcare and economic sectors, from where they are able to empower other women.  

The story is known by most people. Suppression of basic rights has seen women at the lower rungs of society for centuries. The issue persists even today, but the playing field needs to be leveled to give women the chance to excel. 

Healthcare with Women Equality 

The governments have taken various initiatives to prevent inequalities in the urban and rural healthcare sectors. The fact remains that women have faced inequality in both sectors. Women’s equality in the healthcare sector would provide opportunities for research and framing policies on health issues faced by women such as menstrual hygiene, fertility Issues, etc. Women’s equality is not just about removing gender biases and leveling the playing field, it is also about empowering women with knowledge and facilities so that they can make their own decisions in life. 

How to promote Equality of health in Urban sector  

Increase of woman leadership in the healthcare sector

By providing leadership opportunities, women have the chance to reform healthcare policies that promote basic healthcare services for women in urban and rural sectors.  

Increase investments in women healthcare

Research indicates that investments help improve maternal health, increase in productivity and promote economic growth through sustainable development.

Participation of women in the clinical and medical research sector

Researchers need to promote enrollment of women in clinical trials and in medical research sectors. The enrollment allows women to uncover the new insights of potential risks treatments and benefits on women’s health issues. 

Equality of women’s healthcare in the rural sector  

Despite NGO and private initiatives there are disparities of women healthcare services in rural areas. With the accumulation of healthcare facilities and services (mostly private) in urban areas, rural areas are battling with a dearth that is detrimental to the development of women.   

The Government aims at bridging the inequality of health services for women in urban and rural sectors by promoting a universal healthcare system with schemes like Janani Suraksha Yojana and Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakaram

Women Entrepreneurs in Healthcare services  

We can also take inspiration from the startups which are led by women who promote affordable and quality health and wellness services to the people and the economy. Below are some classic examples of how women in leadership roles can promote sustainable equality of women’s rights and economic and health development. 

MedSamman: A startup led by Rumita Gosh – an online platform featuring the latest medical devices from domestic and overseas manufacturers for urban and rural health sectors.  It focuses on disposables, consumables, wound care, ortho support aids, infection management, and various point-of-care medical devices and supplies at an affordable rate. 

Suvidacare:  Suvidacare is a healthcare managing service that allows people, primarily NRIs and young working professionals in India, to manage the health needs of their parents living in different cities (Tier 1 and Tier 2). the health and wellness services managed are hospital visits, medical history, and aftercare of the parents. 

With increasing awareness of women’s issues and open conversations about the same; Social and economic rights of women are evolving with time. It is essential to understand that empowering women is a sustainable goal for every nation to promote health equality and economic development. 

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