5 Nutrition Startups that are Changing Indian Lifestyles

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Nutrition Startups in India

Health and Nutrition Startups have a great appetite for creating awareness and delivering nutrition-based products among consumers in the health and wellness sector. Over the last few years, changing food consumption patterns have caused a trend of lifestyle changes giving nutrition startups a chance to tap into “Nutrition at Home”.

What was initially a market that was limited to home practices and word of mouth recommendations, is slowly turning into a business sector in itself. With a wide range of nutrition products, these nutrition startups are evolving to understand people’s needs and serve them on an everyday basis.

India is estimated to have contributed 490 billion and services of 40% in the health and wellness market, according to the global health market. Here, tapping into natural and ayurvedic ingredients, as well as extending services to fitness and mental wellness has given startups a running start with a large customer base.

Below are the top nutrition startups that have revolutionized nutritious products and the health and wellness sector.

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Top 5 Nutrition Startups in India

Oziva is the clean label that offers nutrition products based on modern food and ancient Ayurveda. The startup focuses on producing food from clean, authentic ingredients with great nutritive value. The nutrition product cater to women, men, and children as well as products that specifically focus on hair and skin nutrition.

Oziva has also added services that include free, online diet consultation and guidance from experts as well as programs to improve metabolism, calorie count. They provide virtual guidance by experts for fitness, nutrition and wellness.

The Oziva Prime Program adds on with exclusive features to deliver a new lifestyle for users with dietary practices and workout routines.

Zoe Nutrition is a nutritional food and beverage brand providing wholesome nutritious food products with the help of food scientists, dieticians, and chefs to curb the nutrition deficiency among consumers.

Focusing on the lack of adequate nutrition and its relation to common diseases, Zoe Nutrition is working towards eradicating these commonly found issues. The brand offers nutritious foods based on your goals, helping with weight loss, mid and body detox or immunity, and metabolism.

They offer products such as low-calorie soups, teas that alleviate mental wellness, healthy juices, and additional detox kits that help you maintain a balanced diet and detoxify your body.

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Andme is a Bengaluru-based nutrition startup that provides nutritious beverage products catered to women’s health issues. The team focuses on addressing the common health issues faced by women which include PCOS and PCOD. The products they offer range from protein, fitness, nutritive hair and beauty care.

Addressing common women’s health issues, Andme is breaking the stigma around women’s health by providing nutritious supplements, instead of medicines. They are bringing natural vegan products that help women boost their metabolism, manage weight, and increase their daily nutritional intake by 30%.

Supp Nutrition is a company that is taking health personalization to the next step with its mineral and vitamin supplements tailored to users’ individual goals. The brand conducts surveys to determine the health goals of users.

These surveys are then used to create customized nutrition plans which aim at helping users reach their health goals, in the way a personal trainer would help.

Recognized under the Make In India initiative, Supp Nutrition is working towards providing easy solutions to simple needs through supplement sachets. Their products provide daily value supplements for Immunity, stress relief, bone health, kidney care, liver detox, and much more.

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Snackible is a company that believes that snacks can also be nutritional. The company aims to deliver healthy nutritional snacks that are not just free of chemicals or preservatives but will also thrill your tastebuds.

The snacks have a unique combination of local home-produced ingredients that cater to the Indian palate. Their combo-friendly products promote smart snacking with a focus on nutrition, which is perfect for working millenials and children.

Here at Onsurity, on the eve of nutrition week, we believe that health is an investment, not an expense, and therefore encourage all our customers, and business partners, to follow a nutrition, value-based lifestyle for great health.

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