7 Best Fitness Apps in India You Need to Download

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Have you ever heard the saying “there’s an app for that”? A lot of people say it to refer to that fact that today, the iOS App Store and Google Play Store is home to over 3 million apps collectively. No matter what you want to do, it is very likely you’ll find an app (or two). That’s true for best Fitness Apps in India as well. 

As of 2020, there are over 45,000 health and fitness apps available on iOS and Android. That’s a lot of apps! Whether you are just starting out, getting more serious or just want to experiment, it can be hard to find the right app. Luckily for you, we have you covered. We’ve dug deep to find the best fitness apps to help you lead a healthier and fitter lifestyle. 

From workouts to dieting and meditation to sleep, and even wellness membership plans we’ve covered a wide range of apps here. No matter what your need, you’ll find an app in our comprehensive guide.  We hope you have a healthy, fit and happy year ahead! 

Best Fitness Apps in India


The Cure.fit app is home to a comprehensive set of health and fitness features. From workouts to mental wellness and live classes to a personal doctor, Cure’s wellness membership plans are one of the most comprehensive for all your needs.  

Think of this as a one-stop solution for your healthcare. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, you will find Cure.fit’s app to be a great guide. And until you can get back to a gym, why not try working out at home with their live sessions? It’s a pretty fun alternative.  


Eating a healthy diet is a very important, and there are no shortage of best Fitness Apps in India that promise to help you in doing so. But we highly recommend MyFitnessPal. This is one of the most comprehensive diet trackers available. In the free version, you can track your meals along with the nutrition values, by simply scanning the QR code or picking from their extensive database. 

If you are willing to pay, the app has a personalized advice on recipes and diets you can follow. You can even set weight goals and sync your steps to know exactly how many calories are going in, and out. It’s an ideal way to kick-start your health and fitness journey.  

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“The Best Investment You Can Ever Make is in Your Own Health and Wellness”

Best Wellness Apps in India


Whether you are a regular at meditation or just want to start, Headspace is one of the best Fitness Apps in India under this category. In the free version of the app, you have access to basic guided meditation courses and sounds to help you fall asleep. There’s also workout music if you want.  

If you upgrade, you can access more sounds and longer guided courses. There’s also a convenient “panic button” if you are feeling particularly stressful. If you are just getting started, the free version should be sufficient.  


For more serious mental wellbeing, we recommend Stoic. The app is both a mental health journal, guide and mood tracker. There’s a journal to track your feelings and guide you to be more grateful and happy each day. If you are feeling particularly angry or low, the app also has a set of exercises from breathing to meditation and visualization. 

As with other apps, there’s a paid version with more. You get personalized insights on things that influence your mood. What we really love about this app is that it offers quotes that are both insightful, and inspiring.  


Whether it’s to build a habit of working out, or sleeping better, Fabulous is one of the best Fitness Apps in India that will help. This app is a daily habit coach designed to help you build sustainable habits for a healthier lifestyle. You can add routines for any time in the day and follow it up with reminders. 

The app also has a lively community you can interact with if you need more motivation. From drinking water to exercise and even power naps, there’s a lot you can do with Fabulous.  

Sleep Cycle 

sleep routine is very important, but often ignored. With Sleep Cycle, you can ensure that you are well rested for the day ahead. The app tracks your sleep duration and quality, with alarms that can wake you up at the right time. You can see how well you slept, and what factors affect your sleep. 

Upgrading gives you access to more data points like the role of weather and alcohol. You also get stories and guides to help you fall asleep, and a recorder to capture snoring and sleep talking. It’s a great app to have if you have issues falling asleep.   

Employee Healthcare


Onsurity’s wellness membership plans for SMEs and startups help provide employee healthcare benefits to small businesses. Members can benefit from access to doctor teleconsultations, discounted health check-ups and medicine deliveries, and group health insurance provided by Onsurity’s insurance partner.  

Onsurity is also in the list of best Fitness Apps in India, tracking the steps you take every day. Onsurity’s employee wellness programs are designed to help teams become healthier and happier, so that they can focus on delivering results at work. Affordable employee healthcare is the new normal with Onsurity.  

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